#1 Tip for Online Dating + $100 Off for New Clients

If you have ever taken my Dating Quiz online, you know how you scored---and the top issue holding singles back is one primary, important item---your first photo!!

It’s the first thing potential dates see. And, trust me, as a dating consultant for over 25 years, if your first photo is not a showstopper, the game is over!

Photo Tips for Online Dating:

1. We live in a visual society. You may have a well-written profile, incredible interests and personality; however, your potential date will never, ever get to this if you have a sub-par first photo.

2. Believe me, I know! I do this every single day for my clients who have chosen the Ultimate Package---I vet potential dates for them on everything from Hinge, Bumble, Tinder and Match (there’s over 1400 dating sites/apps out there!) and if their first photo is not fantastic—well, DELETE. They never even got the opportunity for me to look further.

3. The first photo must be fun, smiling, not a selfie, not a LinkedIn photo and must be high resolution. Grainy photos say I don’t care. No hat. No sunglasses.

4. OK, my male CEO’s, CFO’s, Doctors, etc. tell me they don’t take photos of themselves. Utterly normal. I mean, who spends their weekends taking selfies? Thus, they have no photos. (pardon the graininess on this photo but this a genuine smile, out on the street!)

5. Easy fix. There are services out there that cater 100% to photographing online daters---at a nominal cost! And you can usually book them in 24-48 hours! Long gone are the days of googling a photographer who tells you they specialize in weddings and can only shoot you on weekdays. That is NOT who you want to hire! Plus, they charge outrageous fees. I’ll help you make it simple and easy with my Online Dating Photo Guidelines!

6. Back to selfies—the answer is a resounding NO! Frequently clients send me a selfie of the following: sitting in their car (why???), in the bathroom mirror (ugh), holding a big fish (huh?) or surrounded by cars, motorcycles, toys. If you are an avid car collector, we can talk about this when I write your dating profile, but it will be a quick swipe left if it’s your primary photo! (Yes, I truly receive these from some of my most successful clients!!!!)

7. Other photos: Again, when I am looking for great dates for my clients and the single has only posted one photo, it is suspect. It says a few things: I really don’t care to find a relationship, I have no skin in the game and I’m dipping my toes into this whole online dating thing, with no expectations of success. (photo to the right--again pardon the low res but otherwise this is a good photo IF he had NOT been crossing his arms---cool background will attract eyes to this photo)

8. Magic number? Post between 5-10 photos depending on the site.