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1400+ Online Dating Apps? Where to begin....

With over 1400 dating apps/platforms available these days in cyberspace, how do you choose the right one? Once you have chosen, do you know what you are looking for? Do you know which photos will gain the best traction for you online? How will you describe yourself? Do you seek friends’ assistance with all/some of the content on your online dating profile?

I am not here to make this complicated; rather, simplified! So, here are some simple tips---then a Dating Quiz at the end that will rate your dating efforts from an A to a (gulp) F.

1. Choose a dating site with the right demographics for you! A bit of research online (or a good dating coach) can give you an idea of some sites that resonate with your age and demographics. I recently had a 45-year-old marketing executive (female) who was gifted a dating membership for Mother’s Day to Tinder! Maybe her 18 year old kids thought they were helping---but wrong site for this Mom!

2. If you have been recently widowed or divorced, your goals may be vastly different from someone who is 36 and never married. I have found many of my widowed/divorced clients would like to dip their toes in the dating pond and just meet some nice men to initially meet and re-gain their self-confidence in dating after being with one person for 20-30 years. On the other hand, someone who has been dating the last few years actively, may right off the bat be looking for a serious relationship.

3. Oh, photos! Your goal should always be to have 5-8 photos ready to post showing you in different aspects of your life---perhaps golfing, walking your golden, gardening, skiing, giving a presentation, laughing with friends, a holiday photo. Most photos should be of you alone---not selfies and let us see your beautiful eyes and hair (Hint: remove the sunglasses and hat!).

4. Describing or writing about yourself can be difficult and frighten some singles off online dating altogether! Reach out a hand for help to 2-3 of your besties and ask them each to describe you in 4-6 words. There is your answer! (Note: I would recommend some discretion with this as you do not want to be put off by a naysayer who has had a bad experience with online dating. Remember: 1 of 3 couples last years met and married via online dating).

5. Once you have chosen the site, fill out the information that the site wants---100% of it! This will increase your odds. I have a successful 52-year-old CEO (male) who posted one photo and wondered why women were not flocking to him. I am happy to report with a few fixes he is meeting the type of women he’d hoped he’d meet online!

Ready for your Dating Score and some fun, adventure and exploration? Click here to find your Dating Score and how you rate! Have fun!


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