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5 Tips for Dating Intentions 2022

Yes, I did not use the word resolutions in my title on purpose. As one of my dear friends posted on Facebook this week “My New Year resolution is to open a Yoga studio for 2 weeks, then turn it into a wine bar”. Hah! We see how long resolutions last, right?

So, let’s glide gently into 2022, alleviate the stress of the past two years, and have fun dating and meeting new people.

5 Tips for Meeting Potential Love in 2022:

1. Many of my clients have “bucket lists.” And they stay in the bucket. Pull one or two out and let’s get going. It doesn’t have to be a biggie like a hike to the top of Machu Picchu. A 48-year-old client told me yesterday she was starting surf lessons. Think of the new people she will meet surfing---certainly not in her current group of friends. A 56-year-old NYC CEO client just started reformer Pilates. His hesitancy in the past was that there were no men in the group. Now he’s smiling from ear to ear telling me about all the women he meets as he varies his Pilates schedule! So far he’s met one for lunch and another for a drink. (Plus, he loves the great shape they are in).

2. Try a Meet Up group. Caveat: pick something in which you are genuinely interested! If you pick a Meet Up to go hit golf balls at a range and join in for Happy Hour after and you HATE golf---well, that’s no fun and will be frustrating eventually. So, I just looked up Meet Up Groups for a client in Chicago---they are every day! Here’s a partial list of activities:

· Trivia Night (oh, I could totally get into this! Tip: Go alone so you’re placed on a team with new people)

· Thursday Weekly Run 7pm (meet some new runners)

· Fix and Flip Property Tour (hey, you never know)

· January Book Club (not in a book club and like to read? Here you go)

· Archery (my client Sam loves this one)

· Friday night Spanish/English exchange (hmmm, Kim (client) always wanted to learn Spanish and she said it’s a crack-up but people are kind!)

· Beer & Board Games (sure, you can have wine)

· Guitar Lovers Open Mic (yep, it’s boring after awhile if only you listen to yourself)

· Learn Fencing (now this could be hysterical)

· Men and Women 50+ Mah Jongg

· Drink & Draw

As I’ve mentioned in the past, your potential partner is not going to knock on your door. Oh, except my NY client who had a kitchen fire and ended up dating the firefighter!

3. Create an environment that sets you up to succeed

What does that mean? Get out of your comfort zone! If it’s been 5 years since your last relationship, let’s build some confidence by being flexible in dating. Maybe you are glancing at a man online, but not sure of his profession but wow, you have a lot in common. Book the date for lunch. Not coffee (how unromantic is that?). Start practicing dating. What else do I mean? Don’t listen to naysayers like your negative single friends or the Smug Marrieds (channeling Bridget Jones). OMG. 1 in 3 people met their SO online in 2021. 1 in 4 got married through online dating in 2020. I rest my case.

4. Have a Backup Plan

Treat meeting new people just like you do in your career. I bet your work google calendar looks busy. Why shouldn’t your personal calendar?

5. Invest in Your Intention

Ok, you’re shy. Maybe you need accountability. Maybe you are just nervous about some new revolutionary ideas to add to your life. Don’t let this stop you. You didn’t roll out of bed one day and start doing headstands. You went to a studio. A kind yogi helped you. Or you started biking during Covid. Invested in a Peloton.

A great dating coach is an investment. That’s what a good online dating coach does for you---she’s your beacon of light, making the way to dating easy and stress free. Plus, she’s your cheerleader. You can text her at 11:30pm on a Saturday night excited about a date. She cares. She talks to you weekly and teaches you everything from the right online dating site, the right photos, writing your online dating profile, how to message and pick the right dates---yep, that’s accountability in a fun, effective way.

Now, don’t be shy! If you just read this and feel overwhelmed, please don’t be. I do this every day and have for the past 25 years. I’ll break it down and make dating fun and efficient for you.

Love & Laughter,



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