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Date 1, Date 2---what to do on a 3rd Date?

Yay—you’re going on a third date with someone you must like---after all, it’s a third date, right?

Let’s back up for a minute. On dates 1 and 2, you probably did what many singles do. You’ve met for coffee, drinks or lunch for the first date. By the second, you may have lengthened the date to dinner. As a dating consultant to thousands for over 25 years, I’d say that’s about right---it’s been safe and around the right amount of time to see if you’d like the 2nd date.

But now we are on to Date 3. I work with an active, upscale group of clients—and many are professionals where dining out frequently is just part of the job.

While I’ll be among the first to say I love food and new restaurants, it’s time to do something different. Why? Well, for one it’s fun. Plus, don’t you want to see your date in a new light beside sitting and eating? We already know she doesn’t talk with her mouth full.

Here’s my recommendations for a 3rd Date:

1. Axe Throwing. Yes, it’s sweeping the country as a unique activity for teens, kids, singles. Now, this will be especially fun if neither of you have done this before. What will you learn? Well, to throw an axe—but how he takes it when you beat him! (lol) Great fun whether you are 7 or 70.

2. Archery. I bet you haven’t done this since summer camp. Trust me, you will laugh---a lot! You know what a female client learned during her date with the bow and arrow (oh, and a man)? That her date was a very generous tipper to the archery instructor and she liked his generosity. BTW, she was the one who invited him to archery, booked it online, and paid. So, when he insisted on tipping, she was impressed and the instructor was super happy with his tip!

3. Renting ATV’s and Jet Ski's. As the weather across the whole country has improved, I had two couple who did this last week. The Jet Ski's

were on the Jersey Shore—she was 59, he was 64, and it was both their first time. Another couple, both in their early 30’s, did a 28-mile ATV tour in the California desert, including a picnic. (And lots of water).

4. The Electric Bike Experience. My super sweet client Kara, 44 (and triathlete) took her date on the 17-mile Loop of Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas with electric bikes---pedal or don’t. Yep, he had a blast and loved that it was her idea! They stopped at the waterfalls and a few caves along the way. She packed trail mix and snacks. Date #4 this weekend!

5. Vespa’s. Ok, who doesn’t want one of these? I sure do. My client Rachel, 51, in Orange County, Ca owns a purple one, complete with purple helmet. She told her to date to show up in casual shorts and sunscreen at her home. She surprised him with a cobalt blue Vespa (no, she didn’t buy it for him---rented it!) and they rode around Newport Beach to Laguna, stopping at Crystal Cove for shakes and fries.

So, shake it up. We all have things on our bucket list we’d like to try---pick one and try it out on your next date with someone you like….

Love & Laughter,

Andrea McGinty (my axe date this wk)

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