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First Date Etiquette

Check out some basic online dating manners as we get ready for Dating Sunday – coming up in less than 30 days! Singles or Dating Sunday is the busiest single day online for newbies signing up to meet other singles.

Here are some etiquette tips to know when going on that date:

Always split the check or offer to split the check (etiquette here can be regional: For example, my female clients in the South and Texas tell me the man always pays. Then again, my New York/East Coast tend to split more often)

If you have selected the restaurant plan on most likely paying

If your date clearly wants to pay, it is fine to politely offer and if he declines a simple thank you is appreciated and proper. But, do always offer to split the cost as it shows independence and confidence.

Don’t order until you are both ready. (tip: Look at the menu online before your date!)

Always say thank you (whether it’s for the dinner or more importantly their time)

If there is no chemistry but you genuinely liked the person, keep the door open. (because you just never know: I had a female client Krista who met Ben, had a great time, both agreed there was no chemistry, Ben invited her to a casual party the following week, she met one of his old college roommates – and they’re engaged!)

That is why my dating coaching calls with you all are so much fun!!!


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