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Online Dating Expert Develops Online Dating Quiz to Determine Dating Success Probability

Andrea McGinty, America’s leading online dating coach and Founder of both and It’s Just Lunch, a global matchmaking service, has developed a new dating quiz that will determine a daters success in the online dating market in a matter of minutes.

Ms. McGinty’s 10 question quiz approach is a fun and scientific methodology which provides insight on one’s dating acumen. The questions have been developed based on her over 20+ years in the dating marketplace and what she sees as common mistakes most daters make. And, now with over 1400 dating apps in the market, this type of feedback becomes almost a necessity to help improve one’s chances of meeting the right person, the right way.

The quiz takes less than 10 minutes and can provide an accurate assessment of where one is in the dating cycle. “We live in an instant gratification society and when you can demystify online dating with 10 questions, it helps singles think clearly about their goals and what they need to do to bring them to dating success”, says Ms. McGinty. “What singles love about my quiz is that they get honest, objective feedback quickly and it’s free.”

Daters will get a score ranging from A to F based on their responses to questions about their online dating profiles, photos, and response tactics, to name a few. Ms. McGinty provides a personalized response to each quiz result. “What generally occurs is that I get almost instantaneous phone calls from intelligent people, either laughing at their low score and admitting they had no idea what they were doing with online dating sites, or the admissions that they need help. I reassure them that we all hire experts to do the things far down on our talent list – like tax returns and medical advice”. believes dating should be simple, concise and proactive. “As we transition into what I’m calling the “Summer Of Love” after the past 15 months, I’m here to help singles get results online while having fun!’ says Andrea McGinty. “This Online Dating Quiz we developed helps singles be aware of the mistakes you can make when online dating and how to correct them.”

Background: 33000Dates is not a dating app or dating service. As an online dating coach. Andrea gets it – and wants to help single women and men in their 20’s through 60’s navigate the online dating scene, which is new (and scary!) to those coming out of long-term relationships. She crafts dating profiles that represent the best version of you and builds confidence with expert advice along the way. She’s helped over 33,000 clients in her 20+ career plus has had over 4200 marriages. Before the advent of online dating, Andrea McGinty was the founder of the iconic It’s Just Lunch matchmaking service in 1991, growing the service to 110 locations worldwide before selling to a private equity firm.

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