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Positive Online Dating in your 50’s and 60’s

Hmmm, fear about dating in your 50’s? No need. Yep, its different from dating in your 20’s with those perfect abs, glossy hair and muffin-less top! As an online dating coach, I hear all sorts of fears!

But guess what? Chances are you’re dating someone in your generation (within 5-10 years of your own age) and I bet their abs aren’t ripped unless you met him on the body building tour with Arnold!

So, let’s get the confidence going with your 2nd act of dating with these tips:

1. You want to look great for your age! That does NOT mean act, look and dress 28 years old, but make the most of our beautiful “experienced” bodies.


· New hair makeover and try a new hair stylist---maybe it’s a cute woman you saw at the gym and admired her hair style---ask her who she goes to. People are flattered and thrilled to refer!

· Makeup Counter: Nordstrom’s Chanel Counter is your friend! Get a new look---it can be the no-makeup makeup look, or just a new way of popping your gorgeous eyes! While you’re there, after the make-up, use a personal shopper to pull together 3-4 “dating” brunch outfits.”

· Botox and Fillers: Yes, fantastic if administered by a pro which make you looks natural---not surprised with those eyebrows or big Vegas lips. I’m a huge fan of Dr Mark Rubin in Beverly Hills who does celebs and regular people like me. Plus, HE does it, not some PA who just got her license and is nervously searching for the right nerve to deaden. Scary!

2. Sex, yes, I said it, SEX.

The reality is that we age we have different chemical reactions in our body to sex. And hell yes, we are still having sex.

· Make an appointment with your gynecologist and talk about menopause, dryness and other concerns. There are simple solutions to your issues that will alleviate any concerns when dating progresses to this stage

· Sexy Lingerie. Bury the sweats and winter flannel PJ’s you’ve been hanging out in----Invest in 2 Natori nighties or VS silk sets. It's always a great time to pick up some sexy darling pieces

3. Partial Fallacy: Men want only younger women

Some do. Most don’t. And you most certainly don’t want the ones who do. Recently a 53-year-old client went to brunch with a 56-year-old man---he told her his last date was 38 and talking about Dua Lipa and Taylor Swift and he was like “what am I doing here? She reminded me of my daughters!” My clients now have been dating for 2 months. Yes, half of my clients are men looking for the right woman and hire me as an online dating coach for men.

With online dating, the key to success is a pro-active, positive approach to you choosing the men you want to meet by:

· Choosing the right dating site/platform

· Setting the right filters

· Hiring the right dating coach---money well invested. A good dating profile writer is worth her weight in gold!

· Having great photos----and that does not mean photos from 10 years ago!

4. Don’t talk about online dating to your friends, family, children. No, no, no. Please no! Why not?

· Negativity. People love to tell their disastrous, horrible online dating stories. My clients who have success with online dating come into the process with an open, positive, adventure seeking attitude by hiring me as their online dating profile consultant.

· Shock. Poor you. Ok, so I walk my golden retriever a couple of times a day, and being super friendly, inevitably I get asked what I do. What do I get back? A frozen or horrified smile. I laugh and tell them there’s over 100 million singles in the US and that I’ve had over 4200 marriages. Wow does their reaction change!

In 2019, 1 in 4 couples who married met online. So, let’s raise our glasses to online dating, a positive attitude, 2021, and meeting the next love of your life!


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