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6 Online Dating Tips that take you from Text to FUN!

Did I have fun making this video? You bet!

With thousands of clients over 25 years, I’ve heard so many stories about texting, facetime calls and all I want is to get you to that real life date so you can see if there’s chemistry!

Have a look at this video:

As a professional online dating consultant and online profile writer, I love working with my clients and I’m so happy when I hear on weekly coaching calls that the date went great…and they are moving on to a second date!

So, if you are not my client yet, call me to see if we are a good fit at 702.494.7344.

Or better yet, the June 20% Promotion is ending in a few days so just go to Online Dating Profile Prices and Plans | 33000Dates

Look forward to meeting you and filling your Summer with new people, and hopefully, love!

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