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9 Questions to Ask Your Online Dating Coach

  • Used poor quality or old photos or headshots

  • Chose the wrong dating site – and gave up!

  • Wrote a stiff or boring dating profile – it's hard to write about yourself!

  • Liked or Hearted potential dates with no message – they go nowhere!

  • Boring messages: Too formal, too long, or just dull

  • Relied on best friends and family for advice – got biased, subjective opinions from dating novices!

Make your life easier and hire an expert
and make your dating life more fun!
Andrea McGinty

Andrea McGinty

Founder of 33,000Dates

Don't take y word for it. This is what Oprah, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight and The Today Show (and many others) named me – America's Premier Dating Expert!

I have been a leader in dating since 1990. That's when I founded, a dating service that went from one tiny office in Chicago to 110 locations worldwide. The catalyst?  Being dumped by my fiancée right before my wedding!  

I sold the company to Private Equity as I saw the future was in online dating – and the realization that it was growing astronomically and singles didn’t understand the basic rules to navigate the online world and have success.  That’s what I teach you — and why over 65% of my clients find relationships online.  I save you time and frustration!


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Objectivity | Accountability | Efficiency

What Do I Offer?

a zoom call to get to know you

Writing an engaging, unique dating profile: You stand out! 

selecting the most effective dating site/app for you from my experience and research

Vetting your photos and, if needed, referring you to professional photographers

teaching you how to write fun messages that stand out and get replies from the type of people you are looking for – this means dates!

Coaching you weekly through the process (I'm told I'm a terrific cheerleader and make the process fun, easy, and effective!)

Meet Andrea McGinty

America's Premier Dating Expert - Founder of 33,000Dates


Hi, I'm Andrea McGinty, and I can get you started with dating!

With over 25 years as a top dating coach, featured on Oprah, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, People Magazine and more, I help singles in their 30’s to 60’s plus navigate all aspects of online dating – with over a 65% success rate.

I created It’s Just Lunch matchmaking services for the 1990’s, and after I sold it to a private equity firm with over 110 locations, I founded for the 2010’s and 2020’s as it’s the most effective way to meet people- – if done right!

If you are busy, new to dating, divorced, widowed, single or just frustrated and tired of trying to figure out online dating on your own, I can help you!

This is not a dating site or app.  I’m here to make online dating easy and effective.

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Why Do People Need a Dating Coach?

Which Online Dating Package is Right for You?

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