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10 Signs that Dating is getting back to Normal

It was so slow to occur after a long year, we didn’t even notice, until, wham, bam, cities are opening, many people have gotten vaccinations, kids are sitting 3 feet apart in the classroom, middle seats are now revenue makers for Delta and the flight I’m typing away on is packed….and they asked four people to give up seats for $500 a pop! My teen just got vaccinated and it almost feels normal, just like 2019. My texts, emails and phone calls have more than doubled from a year ago as singles miss companionship IRL and dating. One client remarked last week she never thought she’d say she’s thrilled to start up with online dating after taking a 14-month hiatus.

So, what are some of the signs?

1. Governor Sisolak just reopened Las Vegas 100%! No more Thursday through Sunday only vacations.

2. Indoor dining is ramping up. Same store sales exceeded pre-pandemic levels during the 2nd half of March.

3. Times Square no longer looks dystopian.

4. Godzilla vs Kong wowed at the cinemas and the packed audiences were primarily single.

5. The Happiest Place on Earth re-opens its SoCal park.

6. You can buy tickets to live concerts!

7. Baseball season hits the perfect pitch with fans.

8. We hop out of the car without a mask on (though most of us jump right back in to grab one)

9. We can see many doctors without zoom/telemedicine. (Though I liked the tele-doc thing----no sitting in endless waiting rooms to see an ENT!)

10. Zoom happy hours ending---while we were so excited to toast our friends virtually last May, can we all say we are so over that?

More and more of my clients are seeing online dating as an adventure now, not a necessary evil. So, here is a toast to online dating, getting help with writing your online dating profiles, dates in real life and face to face love!

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