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Ready to reset? 10 Dating Tips for 2024

It just may be time to reset the alarm on your dating life. Since we don’t come with factory settings, it’s not as simple as Control. Alt. Delete.

And it’s common knowledge that New Year’s resolutions last…. well, not long. The majority of people think about them---but don’t actually write them down and actively pursue them. If they do, they’ve gone to the wayside in a few weeks statistically.

So, here’s some ideas to think about as you review 2023 and look forward to 2024:

1. High Yield Tasks

Elon Musk knows how to prioritize his time and energy on the tasks that have the most impact on his goals. He uses the Pareto Principle to identify the 20% of tasks that generate 80% of the results. Elon fan or not, this guy gets things done.

I teach my clients this method---and yes, while it’s not the same as the P Principle, we eliminate 80% of the time you spend on sites/apps by working smarter and using the online dating system to maximize results, instead of frustration.

2. Half in/Half out

Not all the way committed to dating? I’ll tell you right now---don’t waste your time. (or your money with me).

3. Get off the fence

Just listen to Taylor Swift: “Being fearless isn’t being 100% not fearful; it’s being terrified but you jump anyway”.

4. Look in the mirror

Not for a Botox check. Dating success begins and ends with you. (Yep, I can give you help but it’s going to be so much about your attitude to jump into my 65% success column).

5. Share your goals with others

It’ll make you accountable. Richard Branson is a huge advocate of this---and just look at what this guy has accomplished---while having a blast! A good dating coach helps tremendously with this.


Final reminder: My prices increase January 3. Book your free call at to see if I can help.


6. Surround yourself with people that are smart and positive

Enough said!

7. Have lunch with a friend each week

Sage advice given to me by my mom who practiced this even with 6 children around. It keeps you fresh, interesting and happy. Ever read any longevity reports or watch the Blue Zone Netflix series? Having friends is key to a happy life. And people want to date happy people.

8. Be more interesting

We all have 1440 minutes in the day---it’s how you use them. Want unique and informed topics to talk about on dates? Try the free 1440 News that will keep you up to date on unique goings-on in the world. It takes a few minutes each morning---and I’m a daily reader.

9. Self-confidence will get you…. everywhere

Ok, one last thought from one of my favorite people, Ken Jennings of Jeopardy: “Self-esteem is important because it sets up a powerful cycle of self-growth and willingness to take risks”. Hey, this guy went from a software programmer to Jeopardy super winner to now host of the show and best-selling author. While still being likable.

10. Don’t let information overwhelm you

Limit media exposure, including social.

I’m not really a big New Year’s Eve person---I‘ll be watching football! But I do love waking up to the fresh feeling of New Year’s Day and all the possibilities for 2024.

Happy New Year, my friends!

Andrea McGinty

Founder, It’s Just Lunch

Featured as a top dating coach and dating expert on Oprah, NYT, WSJ, Bloomberg, People, Forbes and more

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