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10 Questions:  A Client’s 1st Month of Online Dating with a Dating Coach

Photo of woman playing bocce ball

Photo Courtesy of Wall Street Journal

(Jay is a female 57-year old client in New York.  She’s an executive in the fashion industry)

See Andrea’s notes on this client at the bottom. From Jay:


  1. What inspired you to try online dating? I was inspired by my daughter (24 yrs old) and the ease in which she was navigating dating sites and options for a date.  She has since met one of several singles- a smart, respectful boyfriend….and I like him too.

2. Were you nervous? Yes very. Being a business professional, I was very hesitant with the concept of putting myself “out-there online”.

3. Why did you decide to hire me? You were referred by a neighbor’s friend and discovered you started “It’s Just Lunch” -have read about you in cross-Atlantic business flight magazines! With your experience, I knew I was in good hands at 33000Dates.  I also knew you had sold the company in 2010, but that you had solid experience and 33000Dates has a good reputation and track record.

4.  What do you like about working with me?

Once we had our initial phone call, (before I committed to signing up) I found you savvy in the dating game details and in every answer to my questions- and most importantly, your

compassion and understanding in my hesitancy. In addition, many marriage and relationship success stories. And, I get you one-on-one which is highly appealing and helpful.


5. What has your online dating been like the first month?

 Exploring the possibilities of interesting men is exciting. I’ve done some things I’ve never done before.

6. Any funny or quirky stories? 1st date invitation to Bocce Ball in Central Park: My date brought his personal bocce set.  Oh my.   I’ve never played the game, lost the first 2 rounds but started getting the hang of the game. We played for 3 hours. This was unique and something I thoroughly enjoyed---you had something fun to do while talking. Second date coming up.

7. Did you tell friends or family you were trying online dating? Absolutely.

8. What was their reaction? Great support, glad I was pursuing and very curious in every aspect of the online dating experience, to the real date experience.

9. What are some of the best first or second dates you have gone on? I have 2 great First Date examples: #1- I like astrophysics and was invited to an Art & Science event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art featuring 2 physicists, (one a Noble Prize winner) discussing the enlightenment of Poetry and Art. #2: Bocce ball in Central Park on a beautiful sunny afternoon.


10. Any tips you’d give someone about online dating who is nervous or frustrated with dating? Yes:

(A) Rediscover your younger self, when you were very curious about love and dating…. It was fun then; make it fun again (B) Give yourself permission to enjoy the endless possibilities of a future with a partner

that YOU choose, who enjoys you just as you are and start exploring.

Note from Andrea: Jay is extremely curious about everything---I think that makes her an interesting date. The other characteristics I noticed that are an asset to dating is that she truly is up for anything and as we peruse men online she's open-minded. She seems to find something good in most men's photos, interests or profiles. (Of course, online dating is not magical and she does not say yes to everyone!!).

So, why wait if getting back to dating, a relationship or marriage is your goal? Schedule a 15-minute call with me by clicking here. I generally can tell on the phone call whether you are a good candidate for online dating, whether we are a good fit and if I am the right person to coach you through the process.



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