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Summer Romance-is it too late?

Talking to clients daily, the comment “I want a summer romance” has come up quite a few times this week. Maybe it’s thinking back to high school romance, Olivia Newton John and John Travolta with that great summer love scene, holding hands and the chemistry! Who didn’t want to be Sandy and Danny?

Well, you have 2 months to get this in gear…. or do you?

Not really.

Summer kicks off Memorial Day weekend. That’s 37 days from now---can you believe it?

Ok, I’m a dating coach---but I’m a businessperson too. So, let’s apply some basic business principles to your dating life (are you thinking, Andrea, this does not sound fun?? Maybe---but the end result will be!)

According to a recent WSJ article, online dating memberships are projected to increase by 32% from April to May 2022. Those are huge, hope-filled numbers!

Here’s my Summer Romance Dating Steps:

1. Work backwards. Business 101. If you want to be actively dating by Friday May 27, what needs to happen?

2. An engaging and exciting dating profile written.

3. Minimum 6 terrific photos from past 18 months.

4. Pick the “right” dating site/app for you. (Yep, there’s 1400 of them)

5. Get online.

6. Practice a flirty, fun and effective messaging strategy of mine (this isn’t LinkedIn)

7. You’re in control of choosing your dates, not the other way around (yes, I teach this)

8. Within 5 days of first messages, going out on First dates

Whew. Did this seem like work to you? Hey, it’s ok---most singles would tell me it is work. But like your dad probably told you, with hard work comes great gain. At least, that’s my dad Jack talking!

All right, you’re thinking all I wanted was a summer romance? Like when I was 17. It fell into my lap—like Olivia and John in Grease.

Ready for some happy news?

No, you don’t need to do all this work---think how you hired a graphic designer for your first start-up’s logo, or had a mentor taking you from law associate to partner (and BTW while you were doing this climb, I bet you weren’t scrubbing your kitchen floors).

You outsourced pros, right?

So, why do my clients pick me? I’m a happy, fun, positive, knowledgeable dating coach and take you quickly through 1-8 above in a time-lined, effective manner. I do the planning, so you don’t have to. Over 60% are in a relationship now. That makes me smile, every day.

With more than 25 years’ experience doing this, my clients tell me on average I’ve saved them about 75-80% of their valuable time. More time to date. Find that special someone.

Can I have you dating by Memorial Day? You bet. Click Here to Get Started.

Love & Laughter,

Andrea McGinty Founder, Dating Counselor

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