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Tips for the Busiest Dating Season

You have officially entered the best and busiest time of the year for dating. So, if you are already online, time to clean up your profile. If you’re not, yes, this is the right time to enter the dating marketplace.

Why? As a professional dating consultant and dating coach for nearly 25 years, Labor Day hails the beginning of the “Cuffing Season”. What?

According to CNBC and Urban Dictionary, Cuffing Season is defined as “During the Fall and Winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous (!) find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship. (Personally “cuffing” sounds odd to me, perhaps “hitched” would be better, but, oh well, either of these words does correctly explain the crazy surge in online dating sign-ups from September to November).

Last week on CNBC, Match’s CEO discussed this phenom. (I’m not affiliated with any dating site/app and direct my clients to the one best suited for them based on their likes, age, interests, geo area, etc.).

So, what did he have to say? “This Fall will be the biggest “cuffing season” in history (due to COVID lockdowns and subsequent vaccines) and Match expects online dating to explode. So, they are recommending everyone4 update and fix their online profiles now. Match has seen an increase in people looking for long term relationships. Initially when the lockdowns ended, people went to see their families and travel. But now singles are focusing on themselves.

As a dating coach who has worked with over 35,000 clients, I totally agree with that last statement. With a pandemic (or the aftermath of 9/11), the first thought people had besides safety was loved ones. And finding a relationship!

Match commented also that they see Hinge becoming the “app of choice” for those looking for serious relationships. Now, of course, a reminder that Match does own Tinder and Match (by far, the two largest dating apps/sites worldwide) along with Plenty of Fish, OKCupid, etc.

Ok, of course, Match has its own agenda so don’t go running out to sign up for Hinge. I’ve had great success with Hinge in some markets with my clients and absolutely zero in others. Here’s where I come in----doing the market research on which sites have the type of singles YOU are looking for, plus with many years of experience knowing the strength of certain sites and the breakdowns of male versus females. Note, there’s over 1400 dating apps/sites out there so spend your money wisely!

Tips for Cuffing Season:

1. If you are online already, refresh your photos and profile. Take a second look at the boxes you checked---are these still valid in what you are looking for?

2. If you are on one dating app, you may think of adding another. Most singles explore 2-3 apps at the same time once they get serious about dating.

3. If you are NOT online and sit at your desk or on your yoga mat pondering “should I do online dating” the answer is YES. It has the biggest pool of singles in the world---it will be fun, nerve racking, and an adventure before the holidays (and before all those Lifetime Happy Couple films debut).

4. It would be extremely helpful to have a guide/cheerleader at your side for this adventure to help ensure more success! By that, I don’t mean your brother who met his most recent girlfriend on Bumble, your mom, your BFF, your kids (WAIT----can I tell you how many clients I have had whose teens have signed them up for Tinder or the wrong app and scared their parent off dating forever???!!!) A pro can do wonders! Watch this quickie Video:

5. Photos. They Matter. The Most. We live in a visual society and selfies and old family photos won’t help! I know most of us can’t and won’t ask strangers or friends to take photos of us. Advice: The Thumbtack app is designed for you! Much more cost effective than hiring a professional photographer, especially in major markets.

So, what are you waiting for? All you have to lose is…. your single life!

Here’s one my latest client’s comments from last week:

Brady, 42, CFO in San Francisco:

“Thanks, Andrea for curing me of sending Likes/Hearts. I finally got my messaging right with your Flirting Tip Sheet and listening to you. I know I was a tough client! Victoria and I went on our 8th date Wednesday night and decided to be exclusive. She’s lovely and she asked me to thank you too”.

This is why I do what I do! Call me---I'd love to hear what's going on! 702-494-7344


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