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White's Hot for a First Date

Every woman needs a white shirt!

On a first date (or any date!), you want to create a great first impression. It says you care, value how you present to others, and took the time to look your best. You don’t want to show up for a 5pm drinks date with a frazzled look -- the just came from the beach, sun burnt, coverup over your swimsuit and flip flops. No, no, no!

On the flip side, you should be comfortable in whatever you wear. Don’t go out and buy something new. This can put pressure on you, therefore the date.

Since many first dates occur over drinks or dinner (if you are going hiking -- well, you know what to wear!), here’s a couple fashion looks that say put together, style and fun!

Classic White Shirt Dress

Here’s Eva Longoria rocking a classic white shirt dress, wide belt, wedges and fun chandelier earrings. Says, I’m relaxed and put together.


Long White Shirt

The long white shirt look with cropped jeans and heels -- simple sophistication for a first date.


Minimalist Look

Dame Kristin Scott Thomas at age 60 looks stunning in this clean minimalist look. Pair with sparkly flats or heels and off you go.


Simple T

A simple white T! With her handbag and heels no doubt she is ready for a fun date.



A long poet’s shirt with skinny jeans gives an artistic flair.



Just a wow! Simple and elegant. Sparkly flats could be choice too.


The Weekender

We love this look for Saturday lunch or Sunday brunch.


Bon Appetit!


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