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2024 Dating Outlook & 2023 Dating in Review

So, what are some of the most obvious trends for dating in 2024?

1.       Living Apart Together

This trend has truly taken off!  You may be looking for a committed relationship---but just not cohabitating.   According to the US Census Bureau’s study of 2022 dating habits, 3.89 million singles in their 40’s through 70’s are embracing this trend.

Have I noticed this with my clients?  You bet---read about this later in this article!

2.       Settling Down—Differently

What does that mean?  According to online dating reports, in 2023, 23% of women online seek marriage; the remaining 77% are dating or in a relationship.  For men, here’s a surprise.  38% go online hoping for marriage---the other 62% dating and relationships.

3.      More Shift to Virtual Connections

As dating sites/apps become better with their screening processes, more people are foregoing the old “organic” ways of meeting people: through friends, matchmaking services, and activities. The realization of both the vast numbers with online dating potential and increased safety and screening measures has more singles placing their trust in online dating.


 Quick reminder:  Prices for my services increase on January 1.  While I’m spending time with the kids this week---you can still book free 15-minute informational calls with me this week at to see if I can help and if we are a good fit.  I’d love to hear your story and what you are looking for in a relationship or dating.  For my current clients, I’ll be back next week with a normal schedule.


2023 Dating in Review:

Now, here is what I experienced as an online dating expert helping clients navigate the ins and outs of online dating in 2023:

1.       Confidence Factor Way Up, Fear Factor Down

I did not hear much negativity about online dating this year---and much more hope and fun in the process.  Yes, I said fun.   My clients learned to use their time wisely online---no more the 24/7 job of checking online dating sites/apps but using their time effectively and getting the time spent weekly online down to 2-3 hours.


Hey, it's not a full-time job anymore!


2.      64.5% Success Rate Online

Oh yes, I track like crazy!   But what do I track?   Clients who ended up dating seriously, in long-term relationships, living together, or married.  Yes, I see more committed relationships---both living together and living apart.


3.      What I heard from Clients

Last week I sent out a holiday message to my clients from the past three years—many I’d lost track of as I normally work with people for 2-3 months.  And the responses made my day, week, and year!


·        Annabelle in Philadelphia sent me a holiday email with a photo of Rob, whom the last thing I knew had been dating for 2 months.  Now, they were playing tourist in NYC and the relationship has bloomed after 9 months.  (Happy news as last I’d heard she’d been going back and forth between two men trying to decide).

·        Steve in Los Angeles shared his wedding photo---I had him as a client 18 months ago.  I knew he’d been engaged after 10 months but I was thrilled to see “Tricia” whom he and I had discussed several times in the early throes of dating.

·        And, Jennifer in Newport Beach was the shocker---she was tough! So, when I was mailed a tri-fold card holiday from her sailing/ playing tennis and just looking happy with Tim, I was ecstatic.  She also informed me at age 62 she left her big corporate job and was happily teaching yoga in California.

·        OK, there were many more.  One client kept me up at night thinking about her and what she wanted. Why?  Due to where she lived and the ethnicity she was looking for, it was going to be a tough search.  But, hey it only takes one---and we found him!  

Oh, one more thing---as I share my personal journey with some of you who ask on the phone---Quick recap---started It’s Just Lunch Matchmaking in 1991 in Chicago, expanded to 110 locations globally before selling out to private equity about 10 years ago to found as I firmly believe in online dating.  I had a 24-year marriage, divorced, did no dating for 3 years, jumped online with enthusiasm in the summer of 2022---and am so happy and fortunate to have found the love online.  We were engaged last week!

Happy New Year all my clients and friends.  I wish you health, happiness and love in 2024!  And, never give up!



Andrea McGinty

Featured in NYT, Oprah, WSJ, People, Today Show, Forbes and more

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