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3 Tips to make Dating Simple

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Just 3. Short, sweet and simple today.

Note: this article applies to all ways you can date: friends fixing you up, a chance meeting at the gym or a bar, a matchmaking service, online dating, the golf course or pickleball court, the beach, anywhere!

And while some of the above have a much higher success rate, who cares? You’ve met someone. Yay, you. Let’s not blow it!

1. Don’t talk to friends/family about dating! So, you met someone. You went on a date. You had fun. Initially, do not talk to friends/family about your date! Why not? Ok, most of the outcomes are just not…helpful. Your best friend: “you met at a bar. Those never work”. Your mom: “Oh, honey, I’m so excited for you---tell me everything” as she plans your wedding. Your work colleague: “The gym? Geez, how do you even know he’s single----one of my friends met a guy there and it was awful because….”

Ok, what just happened above? They put unnecessary thoughts in your head. From negativity to inflating expectations, well, none of this is helpful.

Yes, absolutely share happy news---but after your 3rd, 4th or 5th date. WE are human and like to share good things happening in our life!

2. Low or no expectations Amped up expectations going into the first date are almost sure to be shot down. A balloon quickly popped. Yes, show up looking your best. Part of the spice of life is constantly meeting new people---that applies to both singles and people in relationships. It keeps you fresh and on your toes. Take the pressure off. Lisa, a New York client, just ended a 27-year marriage. While quite confident in her business sphere, she was nervous with this whole new dating thing. My advice: you are meeting a new potential friend to relieve the angst of OMG, I’m dating. Her 7th online man she met was Mac has now turned into 5 dates with him. Just last month!

The only thought she had in her head “Do I want to go on a second date”? “A third”? And so on.

3. The secret sauce: Confidence Yep, it’s sexy. And the old adage: Fake it ‘til you make it? Works just as well in dating as it does in your business life!

I’ll coach you to get you there!

Have a great day---

Andrea McGinty

I do it all for you online---from writing your profile, choosing the rite site with hard-core and proven research, vet your photos so you look awesome and REAL, and help you write those super important messages that elicit dates with people you are truly interested in. Let a dating pro help you with both online dating and relationship counseling who has over 25 years’ experience!

From Founder of It’s Just Lunch matchmaking service to selling it at its peak of 110 locations. I’m back to doing what I love---one on one dating coaching! I’ve set up over 33000dates.


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