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6 Things Men Will Do If They Have Strong Feelings for You

Oh, after 25 years + of being a dating coach, I think I’ve heard it all---but of course each week brings something new. Nope, I don’t know it all! While studies prove women use words more, men use actions.

1. He will show it more than he will say it

Bringing you coffee in the morning. Offering to watch your dog when you are out of town. Stocking your favorite organic blueberries and Pellegrino in the fridge. (yep, he remembered the Pellegrino from a date you went on).Or, as one client told me last week "Mark put a whole shelf of my favorite drinks in the fridge". Giving you part of the walk-in closet and drawers in a bathroom.

2. He remembers the little things When a man is falling for a woman, he actually listens and remembers. Big or small. Your dog’s favorite bones. So, what’s this about men being terrible listeners? Uh, uh.

3. They like to hang around you even if you have nothing planned.

4. They’ll do things with you that normally wouldn’t interest them. Like foreign films. Learn a new board game, or play Rummikub or cards that aren't a rendition of poker.

5. They like your kids/pets. Accepting of others in your life and inclusive. Example? When you kids are home, they are invited out for dinner. They enjoy an occasional dinner/trivia night out with your close friends. (even though trivia isn’t their thing)

6. They are not judgmental of your weaknesses. So he may be more organized, but it doesn’t bother him that when you cook, everything is scattered about the counter. Instead, he enjoys the meal and does clean-up duty.

Yes, men and women are different in some regards. Embrace it instead of trying to change a person---it doesn’t work. I always say the only thing you can change about a man is his clothing style!

Happy Dating,

Andrea McGinty Dating Coach/Dating Counselor Founder, It’s Just Lunch and

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