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An Online Dating Coach’s Experience with*

The second in my series of on online dating apps, online dating services and any online dating platform that I refer my clients to. I’m not a dating service, however, working with over 30,000 clients in the past 20+ years has given me some insight into the inner working of the online dating world, with much of what I will share with you anecdotal, demographic and geographic. After writing my clients’ dating profiles, vetting their photos and long Zoom calls with each, then I help choose what I believe is the right dating site for their needs.

PROS of Match:

1. Grandaddy of all online dating services beginning in 1994-95

2. Over 21,000,000 users worldwide so they have the numbers!!!

3. The most LTR or marriages online thus far, much due to longevity of the app

4. People paying for Premium (approx. $120 for 3 months) means they are serious

5. Reminds me of shopping at Target….a typical parking lot will have old trucks to Mercedes

6. Most recent dating site stats in age categories:

· 28% are 54-74

· 31% are 24-38

· 38% are 39-53

7. 91% have a college degree

8. 45% are single parents

CONS of Match:

1. Interface not so user friendly/intuitive as some apps

2. Tends to a bit more male heavy in users, thus woman may have more traction on this dating app

TIPS for Match:

1. Your main primary photo is all that matters! Make sure it’s an awesome pic, no sunglasses, no selfies, and fun. Of course, I encourage you to add 3-5 more photos but that first one gains you traction and the read of your bio.

2. Your bio: Long form bio needed….Limit it to 5 paragraphs of 2-3 sentences per paragraph

3. The Match Questions: take your time with these and make sure you choose the seasonal questions to answer such as

· On my Spring Bucket list is

4. Initially to set up your Match profile and sign up, you’ll find this easier to do on your laptop as it is a bit sluggy for phones. Once you have paid and uploaded your photos and info, you can use your phone easily. Though at night, doing searches and filters, it still may be easier on your laptop!

5. On Match it is essential that you use the filters! Or you will become discouraged with the large menu of dates offered you.

Overall, I like Match----I’ve had so much success directing my clients to Match if they used the filters to be very specific about what type of date/relationship they were looking for!

Match should just become stronger in terms of singles dating as we head into April/May. When I help my clients with online dating profiles and vetting online photos, as an online dating profile coach, this is a strong site for both singles in major metro areas as well as small towns.

*These are purely my observations on Match and I am in no way associated with the company. Stay tuned for next weeks’ review on another online dating app!

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