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Drama in Dating

You know these people. Maybe you’re one. The kind that manufactures chaos in every aspect of their life, but we will focus on drama in dating as wow, that can be explosive!

Plus, drama queens/kings are exhausting. To be around. To be friends with. Complaining. Whining. Seeing the sky falling…every day.

So, you wonder why you can’t see the prices on my site and you need to do a 15-minute call first? Exactly this reason. I like to talk to each person, learn a bit about them and their attitude and expectations. Make certain we are in tune and a good fit so we are doing everything possible for successful dating.

Sure, we all have baggage but this is over the top cynicism I’m referring to. Maybe it’s not you but you surround yourself with drama. Or you’ve initially had friends like this before you extracted them from your life (or maybe you kept them). Why have friends who are narcissistic, talk only of themselves and don’t bring any light into your day?

(Don’t miss the questions at the end of this article)

Do you do drama? Let’s find out:

1. “There are no good men out there. They are all taken.”

Really? There are 128 million singles in the US and lots are men.

2. “Online dating is sooo unnatural. I only meet people organically”.

Ok, but you’re reading this, right?

3. “I’ve dated every decent man/woman on Bumble”. (Insert any app/site)

Oh, what about those new people joining every week. They don’t count? Funny when I go online with a client how we “suddenly” find 5 or 6 good matches.

4. “ I’ve dated every (insert religion) in New York, Chicago, Orlando.

This one is just silly. And, yes, I do hear this occasionally. Yes, if religion, ethnicity is important to you, I totally get it. Makes sense. But broad, sweeping, know it all statements like this are just …. hindering and jeopardizing your love life. You have NOT dated everyone in your religion, ethnicity, etc….this is just procrastination, negativity or I’m not sure what.

5. “I put my profile up. I never make the first move. Online dating just does not work”.

Ohhhh-kkk, you’re living in the 1950’s or exhibiting prima donna traits. The most successful singles online are constantly reaching out in a friendly, casual, personalized manner…and also have many quality dates.

So, think about these questions:

Am I in general positive?

Am I happy with my life?

Do I have a good circle of friends that bring each other up?

Do I laugh a lot?

Do I exercise?

Have I tried anything new this year?

Have I made a new friend this year?

Do I get outside?

Do I eat somewhat mindfully?

Do I talk to distance friends? (Not text but talk)

Do I have a hobby I love?

Am I curious?

Do I read?

Just some things to think about. If you answered at least 6 with a resounding yes, you are on the right track.

Happy dating! Also, thank you to my clients who have referred there friends this month: Michael, Christopher, Jeff, Thomas, Michelle, Carrie and Laura---I always appreciate this vote of confidence,


Andrea McGinty Founder, Founder, It’s Just Lunch (sold)

Dating Coach, Relationship Coach, Writing Dating Profiles and Dating Consulting Services


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