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How to Tell If Your Relationship Is Kaput

“It’s great.” Pfft.

We've all fibbed about our relationship when it's going south. We don't want to admit that we're miserable. But come on. No relationship is perfect. In the beginning, we're on our best behavior and everything is peachy. But that can't last forever, right? We're human beings and we have our quirks and clashes.

That's why communication is vital to keep the romance alive. Healthy relationships can cope with the challenges. But some relationships are like a bad joke. No matter how much you try to laugh it off, it just gets worse. It didn't start out bad, or you wouldn't have dated them in the first place. But the change from happiness to misery can be sudden. As a dating coach/dating counselor, I see it quite often. Here are some signs that your relationship is doomed:

1. You forget your passions and pals You used to have lunch with friends, drinks with colleagues, or play tennis or golf. But now you don't do those things anymore. You've become a robot in the relationship.

2. You feel stuck, not excited You don't have fun with your partner. You feel like you have to, not like you want to. You're either bickering or yawning. You're in a rut. It's time to shake things up.

3. You can't stop thinking about it But not in a good way. You're constantly fretting about how to save or fix the relationship. It's taking over your life.

4. You neglect yourself You used to work out, take art classes, or do other things that made you happy. But now you don't have the energy or motivation. The relationship is draining you.

5. You love them and hate them You can't decide if you want to stay or leave. One minute you love your partner, the next minute you can't stand them. You focus on their flaws instead of their strengths.

Don't stay too long in a bad relationship. Don't let fear or laziness stop you from finding someone better. There are plenty of singles out there who can make you smile. Choose happiness over being afraid of being alone.

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