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Long-Distance Dating----Keeping it Exciting!

What are the long-distance couples you work with doing to maintain their dating lives/keep that spark alive/stay sexually fulfilled right now?

Recently Huff Post asked me this question! I was happy to answer as an online dating coach with clients all over the US!

In my work as an online dating profile coach/expert with 33 Thousand Dates, I help men and women navigate the world of online dating and help support many budding relationships. Right now, I am seeing many long distance couples come back to classic dating strategies and I'm also seeing many people tap into new technologies to add some spice!

· One of the women I work with is based in northern California and her partner lives just over the Canadian border. With the borders now iffy, they have found letter writing to be a seductive way to build anticipation and connection on top of their regular phone and video communication. She drafts handwritten letters on beautiful stationary and scents with seductive fragrances. The letters can take up to 10 days to arrive and so the arrival is a fun surprise and builds a fun layer of seductive excitement into their relationship.

· A man I work with, surprised his partner with a cute snuggling teddy bear. It wasn't over the top, and she loved it. It's a fun unexpected reminder of your partner.

· Another couple I work with, a couple in their 50s, bought each other remote controlled sex toys that they each can control for the the other remotely via wifi. They have found it to be a really fun way to interact sexually and keep their spark alive and active.

· One partner in a newly formed DC couple, had to unexpectedly move to London for her work within the government. They quickly found themselves in a long distance relationship and have turned to using Signal, a secure communications service, to keep their racier communications completely private and secure.

What advice would you have for long-distance couples separated by the pandemic to keep their sex lives hot right now?

Take Turns Hosting: In my practice as a dating coach with 33 Thousand Dates, I encourage couples to take turns hosting virtual date nights. This can be at the very basic level where one partner selects the movie that they both watch together virtually to the more sexually charged, like planning a virtual night out with themed food and toys that you have sent to your partner's home prior to the date. The important thing is to mix it up and take turns showing each other fun aspects of your personality and sexuality.

Start Slow: Not everyone is accustomed to long distance intimacy. Start slow and get to know what you and your partner find fun and sexy. You can start with a flirty text or photo and work your way up to more intimate virtual encounters.

Surprise Each Other: Keep it interesting, and switch it up. If you have fallen into a virtual sex rut, add a new element. Pick out a new sex toy you want to try, send a surprise gift, write a letter, if you are used to sexting, try video or vice versa. The important thing is to switch it up and take turns planning.

Need help with your online dating profile? Give me a call and see if I’m a good fit for you! There’s nothing to lose….except maybe your single life!

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