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More App Users Go Looking for Love in Pandemic Times

Last week this small Wall Street Journal article grabbed my attention as an online dating profile coach/dating expert. There's been an upsurge in some dating apps/sites. Hardly surprising given the the loneliness many have felt during this past year, but a great time for me to launch my weekly blogs on showcasing each dating site/app---both the strengths and weaknesses.

Many might say it it anecdotal, not statistical (which is true!) but after working with over 33,000 clients on dating and hearing success (and not) stories about dating platforms, I'd love to tell you what my clients' reactions are to the dating sites. On Wednesday, I will start the review of one dating service in a weekly blog with information on how user friendly the interface is, demographics and real feedback from my clients.

As my career is help with online dating profiles and coaching, I welcome feedback!

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