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 Presidents, Wives and their Love Lives---248 years of love stories

Mary todd licoln and abe lincoln

So, you probably woke up this morning thinking about grilled hamburgers, why Joey Chestnut is not in the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest this year, our Nation’s 248th Birthday and our President's love lives....

1.      George Washington, our First President:  There are two stories about Martha and George’s courtship: the first, they met during the much-touted society Williamsburg season, and the second they spent the night at a house party (not together) and were introduced by Colonel Chamberlayne.

BTW: While he remained loyal to her for 40 years until his death, he was rumored to love another woman. 


2.       Abraham Lincoln: Mary Todd, a Southern belle met Abe in Springfield, IL and he immediately told her “I am a poor nobody”.  Three years later, after a stormy courtship and broken engagement, they were married. 

BTW:  He loved her very much despite her quirky ways until his death and she was known to have a shopping and spending addiction.  (I love that he loved her just the way she was and never tried to change her---and that love was returned by her.)


3.       John Adams:  With Abigail, they won the letter-writing contest---over 60,000 letters were exchanged between the two while they were apart.

BTW:  Rumored to have an incredibly sweet and lasting love together.

4.    Ronald Reagan:  Nancy reached out to him in 1949 when Ronald was President of SAG---needing help with her acting career.  Love at first sight many claim, and it was a deep love that left Nancy highly protective of her husband—both in his White House years and after.

BTW:  Much to Nancy’s dismay, it took 3 years for him to propose.  Worth waiting for, right?


5.       George W. Bush:  They met in July 1977 over burgers at a backyard BBQ.  Laura thought George was cute and said “he liked to talk and I loved listening to him”.  A week ago I was in Dallas at his Presidential Library where a lovely client of mine is a docent and gave us a private tour---we watched the sweetest short film that Jenna and Barb (the twins) made about their parents.BTW:  The friends hosting the BBQ had two women for George to meet that day!  George proposed just a few months later.  When you know, you know!


6.      Barack Obama:  After law school, Barack went to work for a large law firm in Chicago and there he met Michelle while she was practicing intellectual property and marketing for the same firm.

BTW:  He asked her out several times, and as his advisor at the firm, said no repeatedly.  Finally, she relented and they went to Baskin-Robbins for an ice cream cone.  Never give up, right?


Happy July 4 and no matter what may be going on in our nation’s politics, I am thankful to celebrate this day in such a great country. Enjoy your day...I'm headed to our pool and BBQ....

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