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Tis the Dating Season---7 Reasons

According to a recent USA Today study, between December 26 through February 14, it’s peak online dating season.  I agree, after going through this season for over 25+ years.  More people than ever are looking for a partner during this time of year than at any other point---it doesn’t matter if you’re freezing in Colorado or in sunny California.  Dating is hot!

Dating someone new during the holidays can be a bit tricky.  So, here I go with some tips as a long-time dating coach:

1.       Be upfront about the holiday situation

Dating someone new?  If you have expectations or plans, be upfront.

2.      Avoid falling into the “snow globing” trap

The what?  Sometimes people are lonely during the holidays and they try to accelerate the relationship. Take your time---it it’s meant to be, he/she will still be around in January, February, and March.  Don’t rush!

3.      Pick a non-holiday for your first date

New Year’s Eve? 

Oh boy.  No way.   Expectations will be through the roof and who needs that sort of pressure to kick off a relationship?

4.      Attend a holiday party together

Ok, you’ve been on a few dates.  What better way to see how your potential partner interacts with others, see their social skills and just enjoy a big festivity together?


On January 1, there will be a price increase in my services.


5.      No stress if you are not their plus-one

Come on---you just started dating.  Do you really want to go to their holiday work party?  That does not mean he/she does not like you; if anything, I think they are showing regard for your feelings.

6.      Give each other space too

Plans were made before you met.  He maybe flying home to San Diego to visit family and that’s too soon to meet the family, right?   Or she may have made ski plans in Breckenridge for New Year’s Eve with girlfriends---long before you entered the picture.

7.      Enjoy the fun of starting a new potential relationship during this time of year

You didn’t plan the timing.  It just happened.  Lean into it and enjoy.

Happy holidays all!  And if you are not dating during this time, jump on the dating explosion online for January.


Andrea McGintyFounder, (current) and It’s Just Lunch Matchmaking Service (sold)

Online Dating Coach and Online Dating Navigation Professional

Sign up for a 15-minute call to see if I can help:  just text me at 702-494-7344 for a time slot. No pressure. Just a get-to-know-you-chat and see if I can be of help!

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