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What Men Look for in a Woman – And on the First Couple of Dates

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Through the years I have talked with thousands of men about what they are looking for in a first date. A 48-year-old CEO of a Fortune 1000 gave me this list … and I have always kept it! I think he summed up online dating/dating in general:

  • Does she complain about men? Does she complain in general?

  • Is she open to trying new things?

  • Do I like her clothes and sense of style?

  • Can she speak intelligently about more than one thing (such as her job)?

  • Is she emotionally available or is she still talking about her ex a lot? (This is particularly important!)

  • Can she maintain eye contact?

  • Is she nervous? Is there some energy between us or is it flat? (Nervous is better than flat.)

  • Is she generous or is she confrontational? Can she hold her own opinion without making me wrong?

  • Does she have a good sense of humor and a “fun” attitude? Does she get my sense of humor? Is she happy?

  • Do we have chemistry?

  • How does she respond when I put my hand on the side of her arm or the small of her back? Is she open and not afraid to show that she likes me?

  • Is she high maintenance? Does she talk about nicer places than you are taking her to in a way that makes you feel like she would have rather gone there? Does she pick the most expensive thing on the menu for the first date?

When I do my initial Zoom call with a client, I listen carefully but also pay attention to body language. If the client I'm speaking with constantly complains about online dating to me, I know inevitably it's going to come out on the date too.

As a long-time dating coach--I don't just write online dating profiles--the majority of my work and success with clients comes when we are online together, using the algorithms and key words to identify the right type of person. And fortunately, it works!

I love helping my clients---but it only works if they are ready and committed to putting two hours of work in each week---that's not counting the fun part--dates, of course! So, if you are committed, give me a call. I can always tell if someone is ready---and I can help. If not, I will also tell you to hold off until you resolve any issues. I want you to have success!

Happy Dating---

Andrea 702-494-7344 (you can always text me for a free 15-minute time slot to discuss you and what you are looking for)

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