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10 Magic Dating Words by Top Dating Coach

Dr Seuss You know you are in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams

Yes, Dr Seuss!

Ok, maybe not magical…but wow, will these sincere phrases/questions score big for you.   We all want to feel loved and appreciated….and yes, these are real phrases taken from my personal weekly coaching calls with clients.  As a top dating coach, and with over 65% of my clients in serious relationships, here are some of the things I’ve heard over the last few weeks:

1.     “How can I make your life easier today?”

Yep, Jonathan really said that to my client Roxanne.  She said that is when she knew he was the one---she had been super stressed out at work and was juggling things with her college-age kids and her heart melted when he said this to her.   (Scoop:  He was her 7th date on


2.    “Tell me all about your day.”

My client, Ross, said this to Alexa on their 4th date.  She later told him that was when she knew he was the guy for her. He listened for a straight 10 minutes without interjecting once---Alexa was impressed!(Scoop: Prior to working with me, Ross was online for 3 years and can’t even begin to count how many dates he went on.  Alexa was date #2 for him with me on


3.    “I could go anywhere with you.”

Said, shockingly, by my client Susan in NYC who is a fashionista and her trips generally include a Four Seasons or a St. Regis Hotel.  She had been dating David, a cattle rancher she met on while working with me.  She said this to him after he had asked her if she’d like to go on a 2-week tour of national parks in his RV.   Susan called me and said “I’m so excited to go on a RV trip” and I said “Who is this” and we cracked up.   Funny what love and the right person does for us---opens our horizons, right?


Ok, I’m shortening the next few that clients shared with me sans the story behind them!  I want you awake for the Super Bowl today….

4.     “I’d love to meet your family and children.”

5.    “I miss you when you are not here.”

The chances of meeting you on this planet are like finding a needle in a haystack---a miracle happened.,

My specialty: Finding needles in haystacks!

6.    “Talking at the end of the day and catching up is my favorite part of the day.”

7.    “You are my best friend.”

8.    “You make me laugh.”

9.    “I think of you whenever I hear God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton.”  

 Tim texted this to Ella my client one night when he was in Austin (they live in Los Angeles and Ella met Tim on her 9th date through me over 10 weeks---yep, sometimes it takes a bit of time but we got it right with these two!)

LYRICS he texted:

 “God gave me you for the ups and downs,

 God gave me you for the days of doubt,

That you, an angel lovely, could somehow fall for me”

10.  “I’ve never had a moment’s doubt about you.”

Doing what I do as a top dating coach for over 30 years (and previously as a matchmaker and Founder of It’s Just Lunch), I know how much words and actions matter.  For example, what really impressed me about Jonathan in #1----not only did he say that to my client, he actually helped her re-organize her entire home office.  And this is a guy with a high-pressure finance career himself.  That’s love---not just saying the words but backing it up with actions.

And my last wise words before we start on the wings and chili today---“Never give up! You may be one date away from the one”.

Happy dating---and love to my clients and someday clients,


Andrea McGinty

Founder, (Sold)


Need help writing your dating profile, choosing the right online dating site/app, choosing the right photos and writing unique messages?  I’m your girl!  I love doing this---and my success rate is over 65%.

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