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5 Online Dating Trends for 2023

As we round the corner into 2023, it’ hard to believe 2022 is nearly behind us. I think back to Jan 2022 as a dating coach and the changes I’ve seen in dating patterns in the past 10 months alone. Yes, Covid is still among us---but we have learned we can still date safely.

So, what do we see going into 2023?

1. Stigma Eradication

Ok, you 20 and 30 somethings think nothing of online dating---it’s just part of life like TikTok and any social media. Suddenly, I’m happily shocked to encounter no resistance from the majority of my 40–70-year-old clients. Yay. One step for man…one giant leap for womankind.

2. Love is recession/catastrophe proof

Ever heard of the Lipstick Effect? I’ll let you go there on your own. Will Inflation and the pending Recession hurt your love life? No way, unless you are looking for excuses. I've been a Dating Expert for nearly 30 years, and I’ve seen big bumps in the road---Dotcom Bubble Crash in 2000/2002 was tough; 9/11 was horrific; 2008 Financial Crisis very difficult and 2020 Covid pandemic confusing. But what was the thing I heard from all my clients during these difficult periods? Love, interpersonal relationships, friends and family are the most important factors as people rushed to get close to those they loved and dating sites surged......


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3. Tactile Dates I notice a big trend toward active, tactile dates. While coffee or a cocktail may be safe bets for first dates, the old “nice dinner” for the second date is out. So, what are my clients age 30-75 doing lately? Hikes, sporting events, biking, axe throwing (yes, my southern belle client---you nearly fainted when I told you this last week!), renting e-bikes for a long outing, boating, escape rooms, an arcade, dog park, and the list goes on and on!

4. Avant-Gard Messaging Ok, so no more “Hi, I read in your profile XYZ and I’m into ABC and your photos are cute.” Boring. Quirky sells. Quirky gets responses. A message like “Hey, your chocolate lab is cute and once I took mine on a hot air balloon ride and she jumped out but I had her leash, TG. She couldn’t bark for a while and the neighbors were happy. She fine now. Want to grab a drink…on land this week?” Weird, but this response got an 80% reply rate. (And, yes, this client of mine is responsible and a big dog rescuer…but the story is true---thought I’d preempt the barrage of how irresponsible my client is……)

Ok, my dating friends, I actually have 10 Trends for 2023. How about you guess at #5 on my list? Write me back in the comments section or directly at You all are dating---I’d love to hear your ideas of trends you are seeing.

As always,

Happy Dating and Much Laughter,

Andrea McGinty

Dating Counselor/Dating Consultant

Founder, and


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