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5 Tips for Holiday Dating Online

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and people do date during the holidays and first dates flourish. Here’s some things to keep in mind during this festive season:

1. Don’t stop dating and wait for the New Year Yes, people can be busy but it’s also a fun, jolly time of year and many singles have the holiday spirit. (Just watch Lifetime of Hallmark---LOL!). Embrace every opportunity to go out—fun events abound in your town, accept every invitation to holiday parties…because you just never know. As a dating consultant, I had three clients last year accept dates to holiday parties from singles they met online---and guess what? All three met someone at the party (not their original date) and Kara, 47 in NYC is now engaged!

2. Don’t go overboard on gifts.

You just started dating someone and you’re in Month one---what should you do? Here’s some ideas: a. For the Book Lover: Take a peek at the NYT bestseller list and choose a book b. For the Sports Fanatic: A scarf with their favorite teams logo c. For the Yogi: Essential oils are always a hit d. For the Music Lover: local concert tickets---a gift you can enjoy together

3. Don’t read too much into distance. While people are busy, you may not get a text back immediately as they are flying home to visit family or busy holiday shopping. It’s nothing to do with you, most likely!

4. Don’t feel pressured to involve them in your family plans. It may be too soon and we all have holiday traditions. Why put extra pressure on your newly budding relationship?

5. Stay adventurous! This a time of year for trying new festive things: A Christmas market, ice skating (can be hilarious), bake cookies together, build a snowman---embrace the kid in you. Maybe some of it sounds silly---but it is super fun. Take it from me who listens all week to clients dates and what they are doing during the holidays---you’re never too old!

Enjoy the holidays and remember to keep expectation in check. We all know the ending of Hallmark movies and real life isn’t always like that. Have fun, be confident at holiday parties, meet new people and imbibe---but not too much! If you want to chat and see if we are a good fit, text me at 702-494-7344 and we can set up a quick 15-minute free chat to see if I can help.

Happy Holidays!

Andrea McGinty

Featured on Oprah, People, Today Show, WSJ, NYT, Bloomberg, Forbes and more

Over 25 years and lots of marriages!

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