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5 Tips on Dating Now!

by Andrea McGinty, Founder and Founder,

So, what are you waiting for? The end of Covid? To see if that guy from a year ago calls? ‘Til your kids are out of college? After Christmas? Halloween? Aww, c’mon these are all lame excuses, and wouldn’t it be fun to go to a Halloween party with someone?

So, let’s get the party started! Last week I taught an online dating seminar in NYC and also did a Podcast and wow, was I surprised! While over 50% of us have tried online dating, I seemed teamed up with those living under a dating rock, or in the dark ages. C’mon out---this is an adventure!

5 Tips on Why Now: (by a dating consultant with 33,000+ dates under her belt!)

1. Why not now? Tick tick tick. Time goes on and each day we find another excuse. But here is the real deal----from right now until Christmas is a great time to date. The weather is pretty in much of the US, the holiday season begins, people are in festive moods and who doesn’t want to bring a great date to the Thanksgiving table?

(And, who wants to hear “ohhh, sweetie, you’re so handsome, I can’t believe you haven’t found someone yet” exclaims 87-year-old Aunt Mildred).

2. Are you scared? Do you think there’s a stigma associated with online dating? When my fiancée called off our wedding I was in my 20’s---in the 90’s. No online dating! So, I thought I had a brilliant idea and dreamt up It’s Just Lunch which I began in Chicago and my business model was similar to a high-end search (headhunter) firm. It took off like a kite in the windy city and eventually I had 110 locations worldwide. So, stigma? My second office was in NYC and the brokers/property owners thought I ran an escort service---now, that is a stigma! But as we patiently chugged on, we opened more and more locations, had more and more marriages, and between us and the advent of online dating services, the stigma has been eradicated. OFFICIALLY! Fear? Online dating done the right way should have no fear; common sense of course, a positive attitude and a sense of adventure are


4. Ok, still a bit nervous? Totally normal. Hire a great dating coach/consultant who can walk you through each step of the way and guide you. No different than a terrific personal trainer or yoga instructor. Outsource is the name of the game here---why not let me write your profile, select your photos and dating sites/apps, coach you through the texting process and get you on some first-class dates? Nothing better than having a knowledgeable cheerleader at your side—and it not you BFF who can’t be objective about you as they love you too much!

5. I’m not ready. I have no photos. I don’t know how to write about me. What do I say to him/her when they like me? Problem solved:

a. You are ready!

b. I have magical ways of getting your photos done in 24-48 hours that are fun and sure to attract attention online.

c. Two best selling authors are my clients. They knew how to write best selling novels---but not about themselves. A good dating coach can do this within 24 hours!

d. We have a 5 Point Proven Strategy that works for messaging potential dates and getting to our end goal---In Real Life Dates!

6. So, here’s the Plan:

b. Tomorrow we will do your Zoom Call

c. Thursday you will be ready with your dating profile written by a pro who also selected the right 2-3 dating apps/sites for you to be on, you are having your photos taken that day too

d. Friday: we have you online and Dating!

It’s simple with a little help----what do you have to lose but your single life?

Questions? Please call me at 702-494-7344 and let’s get rocking!

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