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6 Ways To Maximize Your Fun . . . with Online Dating


Approach online dating as not just looking for an important relationship, but as enjoying life and an adventure. This will totally take the pressure off!


View online dating as a chance to increase your circle of friends.


In addition to online dating, find innovative and unusual places to meet people: join a club, go over to the golf driving range, volunteer or take up a sport.

When I walk Luna, my golden retriever 2x a day and change up the times we walk, I’d estimate I meet 6-10 new people per week. One I just met last week – well, we’re going paddle boarding this weekend. You just never know. I always feel that the more things you do because you genuinely enjoy them, the less pressure for online dating as you are using multiple avenues to meet people. I actively encourage clients whom I am coaching to add activities that are new to them in addition to online dating.


Take a positive aspect away from each date. For example, “I liked his values, her sense of style, or his humor”. Pick a quality or characteristic that you would like in your future mate! This benefits you even if you aren't attracted to that person .


Become the person you'd like to date. Use your experiences as an opportunity for personal growth. I want a positive man. Hmmm, am I positive?


Embrace your single-dom! You have the freedom to do anything you want, meet everyone you want and learn everything you can about yourself and others.


The point is to keep online dating light and casual, especially early on. On a first date, go out to lunch, drinks or brunch and split the check. This keeps the expectations and pressure lower. If you decide to see each other again you know you are both interested.

It's that simple.

As you get to know each new person you meet on-line, you have an opportunity to “try each other out” and see if the relationship might work. It’s exciting for what you will discover. As you progress on your dating journey, you'll be exposed to new types of people and new ideas. Even if a date doesn't develop into a full-blown relationship, you're still growing and learning as a human being, which makes life interesting and exciting!


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