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7 Online Dating Mistakes

After 25+ years working with singles as a dating coach, helping them navigate online dating from writing dating profiles to teaching effective messaging techniques, wow, have I seen the weird, the humorous—and all in between!

How do I know this? With my clients, in the first month I actually log in to their dating site/app with them to identify high potential dates and teach them a fast, effective technique to quickly find what they are looking for.

Here we go with the 7 Dating Mistakes:

1. Bringing up Sex in your profile

Absolutely no need----and it’s a turn-off to 99% of women! We all know that intimacy is part of the package if the relationship moves forward.

2. Using Middle-School Texting Words

According to several online dating sites/apps, this plummets your chance of a response by 90%. Wow!

3. Lying on your Profile

From your age to your height. No one wants to begin a relationship like this!

4. Generic language.

This can run rampant online---I’m fun, happy, positive and love to travel. While we don’t want to hear your whole life story in 2 paragraphs, not using highly descriptive words will be a quick left swipe or delete for you.

5. One Photo.

Absolutely suspect. Enough said.

6. Being too Picky or Idealistic

This generally comes with a list of “must-haves”. 2-3 are ok, but 10 makes you sound like you’ll never be pleased!

7. Thinking too hard about your response.

Be you! Be unique. Act like you are texting someone who is already a friend. No need for formal responses---they rarely get a response. Too stiff. For example: “I see you enjoy scuba diving and Italy---where were you certified and where do you like to go in Italy?” It’s boring, all about them, nothing about you, and has zero personality! Sounds like an interview question. I have one client who had the habit of drafting responses that took 15 minutes and used a 5-syllable vocabulary---I couldn’t break her habit until she was batting 0 for 20 responses sent!

Stay tuned for my next article on Seven Online Tips for Great First Dates. I had to share with you the mistakes first—then we will get to the fun part! As an online dating coach, I know these tips work as I see my clients meeting great people online every day. To find out how to do this effectively and not feel like online dating is drudgery or a second job, Click Here!

With over 5,000 marriages and 60% of my clients currently dating someone they really like; I know this works!

Happy Dating,

Andrea McGinty Dating Counselor/Dating Consultant

702-494-7344 Featured on Oprah, CNN, Today Show, People, Forbes, Bloomberg and more


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