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Am I ready to date again?

This is a common question I get daily from potential clients when they call me or fill out the Dating Quiz online.

Can I answer this after a 10-minute chat with the person? Yes. I can. How? Am I especially intuitive or have juju? I am without a doubt intuitive and after 25 years as a dating counselor, I can tell if they are ready or not to jump into this exciting, terrifying pool of dating!

I’ve included my Two-Minute-Dating-Tip video that goes along with this topic---so either read on---or tune in for 2 minutes (I believe anything over 2 minutes makes me sleepy----this week I fast forwarded through some doctor talking about a miracle food for 30 minutes only for the big reveal at 29:13 (29 minutes!!!! UGH) with the answer: her expensive bone broth! I sent the link to my health-conscious friends with the spoiler alert----“Watch if you want---but the answer is Bone Broth” -----OMG, really? I think she’d sell oodles more by giving away the answer at 2 minutes”.

Here we go:

1. Single and just ended a LTR. Now, that could be 17 years, 2 years or 6 months (if you are 22 years old). So, I got my 50/50 rule---how on the fence are you about dating? If it’s 50/50 or even 40/60, yes, you are ready.

2. Just ended a long marriage of, say, 20 or 25 years. Yes, you totally missed the boat on online dating as you were married at the inception of online dating and most clients tell me they don’t even know where to begin. But, that’s exactly what you have me for---holding your hand and navigating all aspects of online dating with you. You are probably in your 40’s or 50’s….and the answer to the big question is YES! There are both men and women looking for someone in their age group. Was it an amicable divorce? Or rough and tough on the negotiations? It doesn’t really matter---what does matter if you can date without dumping any divorce horror stories on your date---if YES, you are ready!

3. Widowed. This tends to be more prevalent in my clients in their 50’s through 70’s. I can only answer this one after about a 15-minute call. I need to hear how your marriage was, how long ago you were widowed, what you do in your free time and I just listen. I’ll give you an example (the video you watched was shot 10 days ago). I had 4 calls this week from widows. One 65-year-old gentleman was gregarious and he and his wife had been very social. He was absolutely ready and already went on his first date last night. Two 50-something women I spoke to had both gone through the grieving process and were ready to rock and roll. The last call, a lovely 68-year-old man, was widowed two months ago and it became apparent during our call he absolutely was not ready. I’ll keep in touch with him---I never push people---but my gut is that in 6-9 months he will be ready.

There is no one-fits-all answer! Best thing to do is pick up the phone and call me at 702-494-7344 for an honest assessment. I do believe there is a lid for every pot!!!

Life, Love & Laughter, Andrea

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