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Bravo, Bumble! An Online Dating Profile Coach’s take on the Brand

I’m going to admit right off the bat---I was not in on this IPO, purchased no stock but believe I’ve contributed to Bumble’s valuation. LOL. Sort of! (I’ll explain later…)

Bumble, you are one my faves! As a professional dating profile writing service and online dating coach, one of the things I admire about Bumble is that it is built with a woman in mind, a very simple algorithm and friendly user interface. And, of course, it was built by a woman!

Leslie Wolfe Herd, Founder (Vanity Fair)

So, before I go on and on about why I think Bumble is an effective app, let’s learn about how the whole online dating concept began.

The founder of Bumble cut her teeth on Tinder, many saying as the marketing guru she came up with the name. She left a few years later, married and started Bumble in Austin, TX.

Whitney Wolfe Herd (Vanity Fair)

So, why am I a fan of Bumble?

1. I coach/write dating profiles/vet photos and suggest the correct dating sites/apps for my clients. For my clients, there is ZERO learning curve to using Bumble. Post your photos/a few lines about yourself and start swiping.

2. It’s not a love match until the female client chooses the man…..then he chooses her back. It’s basically blind---he doesn’t know you chose him until you contact him.

3. Terrific interface. Safe. If you haven’t “bumble texted” him back within a certain amount of time, the match expires. Time to move on ladies!

I do recommend this site to some of my clients, not all. In certain markets, it’s just fantastic. In other markets, they do not have the critical mass to make this work for you. (that's why a dating coach is a great resource!) Perhaps with this IPO, the numbers in small markets will soar.

Sharon Stone used it! You can too!

Sharon Stone (New York Post)

There is a key to using Bumble correctly----but you’ll have to ask me!


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