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Celebrities Use Online Dating and Social Media to Date, Too!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Guess what? You’re not the only one at 10pm, glass of red in hand, iPad open to your favorite online dating site perusing online dating profiles! So, let’s see which celebs have met online!

Source: eonline

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams

The Modern Family actress went directly to Twitter after seeing the Bachelorette contestant on TV (just like us regular folk did). Adams was surprised by her tweet and well, the rest is history! I adore this proactive lady who knew what she wanted and went out and got it.

Source: USonline

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith

Mandy, the sweet singer and actress best known for her 90’s Pop albums and current TV hit “This is Us”, expressed her love for Taylor’s band Dawes in 2015 on Instagram. The DMs flew and the couple tied the knot in 2018.

Sharon Stone

Earlier this year, even the venerable celebrity magazine People outed many celebs using the internet for dating.


Though, out may be an overstatement. Seems to me like there is a zero-embarrassment factor for online dating in 2020 compared to 2010! Sharon Stone famously posted her photo/dating profile on Bumble -- and after many clients’ complaints about fakery, the site removed her! Yes, it truly was Sharon Stone and she’s got a great sense of humor about her Hive experience.


Charlize Theron

During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Charlize Theron was upfront about here dear friend, Chelsea Handler, telling her to get out there on dating sites and get dating. It made Charlize super nervous when she started getting the stupid-but-oh-so-expected dumb flirtations like “what’s up, super sexy?”

Geez! I wish I had been helping her here. Getting people to do the “picking and vetting” versus waiting to get picked is one of the things we teach at 33000Dates.

Call me, Charlize!


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