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China playing Cupid! Washington Post

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

A number of years ago I was approached by an Asian country, asking for a potential partnership to help their singles marry---with the intent being quick reproduction. Of course, this country had a shortage of woman due to US adoptions of many female babies in the 70's and 80's.

I read with interest this Washington Post article on China's dating issue and on my last visit to China, our guide, a pretty, well-educated 32 year old Chinese woman lamented the poor current crop of male singles. Her friends, had, of course heard of US and Worldwide online dating, online dating profile writers and online dating consultants, not available in Communist China.

Then the government took over. Can you imagine Trump or Biden being in charge of our love lives???

Here's what the Chinese government is recommending (man-dating!?) for singles across China:

  1. Concerned that the gender imbalance could create instability, the ruling party first tried to shame single women into marriage, calling them "leftover" and comparing them to yellowed pearls.

  2. Last spring, the Communist Youth League's top brass announced that the organization would henceforth fight "the marriage problem" by helping young people develop the "correct attitude" toward finding a spouse.

They can also read dating advice, or "lessons on romantic relations," courtesy of the Communist Youth League. The lesson — singular — is that you should get married as soon as humanly possible.

Men are advised to become providers, women to find a provider, fast. "As long as he's willing to spend money on the woman he loves, he's the right one to marry," one tip says.

Although it is young men who are at high risk of staying permanently single, the focus is on changing women, not men.

"As women grow older and their social position rises, they will want better men," an official said. "If the Communist Youth League helps women from an earlier stage, it will be easier for them. As early as possible, ideally 25."


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