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First Do's and Don'ts: From a Man's Perspective

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

At 33000Dates we do lots of surveys because we care and are interested in what works best for singles. From writing online dating profiles to what to talk about on dates. From all the surveys we’ve done these were our findings from men’s perspectives!

1. Don't Talk About Past Boyfriends or Husbands!

It doesn’t matter whether you are saying nice things about your past relationships or saying everything they did wrong. Neither creates a good impression. If you say how wonderful your last boyfriend was, your date may wonder why you still aren’t still with him and he’ll wonder if he will always be compared with your ex.

2. Manners Say So Much About a Person

There is absolutely no substitute for good manners, and nothing is remembered as much as bad manners. A first date is not the time to be complaining about your life, yelling at the waiter if they get your order wrong, or acting inappropriate. Show good manners and I can almost guarantee the other persons interest will be piqued.

3. Dress Well and Appropriately for the Date Venue!

Dressing well simply says, “Hi. I care. I chose to be here with you because I want to be.” Wearing stained or wrinkled clothes can say that you don’t want to be there, and that you would prefer to be at home laying in bed watching TV.

4. Be Positive!

This doesn’t mean that you have to be all sunshine and rainbows. But when you sound and act positive, you create the impression that you are happy with your life. Believe me when I say that no one want to hear your so-called “war stories” about online dating. When you sound or act negatively, you create the impression you are unhappy with your life. And who wants to date someone who is unhappy with their life?

5. Treat Your Date Like a Person -- Not a Number!

With online dating, it’s easy to forget the details that are given to you about all these different profiles. Prior to your date, refresh your memory about who you are meeting and what attracted you to their dating profile. Nothing is more awkward then thinking you’re meeting a whole different person! Remember what made you reach out to them. Do you both love traveling? Perhaps you both enjoy living by the ocean or reading? Make sure to know this kind of information so the conversation can keep flowing!


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