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Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Summer is officially kicking off and here comes the Summer of Love! With over 400,000 Singles in the US jumping on online dating over the past 30 days, here comes the sun, I mean, fun!

Smiling Headshot taken by iPhone

Which of course, made me think about online dating photos and how to have the best professional online dating profile you can---with a few tips I videotaped this morning.

Watch's less than 3 minutes---yay!:

A few more tips on your Online Dating Profile:

  1. Use as many great photos as the app/site allows

  1. One sitting is fine---the remainder of photos on an online dating profile should be full of ENERGY! Horseback riding, Sailing, etc

3. Be careful with professional shots---no one wants to see a corporate event and yes, we all know when it's a pro-shot

4. Mirrors? A big turn-off

5. A family celebration with your children? One is fine if your children are older, as in over 20

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