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Dating Podcast with The Debbie Nigro Show---online dating!

Top Dating Guru Has Advice For Singles Home Alone

The Debbie Nigro Show

December 22, 2020

Many Single People Have Found Being Home Alone… Lonely. Dating Is Challenging Enough Without Throwing In A Pandemic! Finding a connection during COVID-19 is not simple but there is one gal who is making it simpler especially for all the single ladies 30, 40, 50 and up. My guest today is Andrea McGinty who has set up 33,000 dates, which have lead to 4,200 marriages! (Nice scorecard!) Before online dating, Andrea was the original founder of the mega successful matchmaking service ‘It’s Just Lunch’ which I thought was brilliant. I mean how intimidating is lunch? Andrea has decades of experience, and she herself is back on the dating scene both personally and professionally with 33 Thousand Dates, a coaching platform to help navigate the online dating scene. Andrea can help interested singles safely find a connection in the middle of all this cover commotion. She’s got some creative suggestions for virtual first dates too, and she can help you create an eye-catching dating profile. Oh yeah and she’s all about encouraging you to make the first move. She’ll explain in this episode where we talk about dating after divorce and death too. Enjoy this feature interview with Andrea McGinty and check out her website


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