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First Date Topics

Ah, you’ve made it through your online dating profile. You’ve posted your photos, figured out the filters on or, and found a few you find interesting! The key here is not to get caught up in the texting/DM hell, but move it on to a first date -- in real life!

So, what to talk about? That’s always the real question. Obviously, you found him interesting because of something on his dating profile, so lead with that.


Keep it light and easy. It’s really just a fun way to get to know someone new at dinner. If you’re nervous and forget about what’s on their dating profile try leading with some of these questions and ice breakers:

What did you do on your last vacation?


If you like travel or adventure, you probably were attracted to a match online who enjoys the same. Whether it was shopping at the souks in the Marrakesh bazaars or camping in Yellowstone, it’s a simple conversation starter and can easily add to another subject.

What's your favorite holiday?

This is an easy one because everyone has a favorite holiday!

What was the last show or movie you binge-watched?

I think we’re all curious, especially as of late with the quarantine, on what people are watching. I know Netflix tells us daily which are the 10 Most Popular Shows on Netflix -- but are they really that good or unique?? Do they just not want us to click over to Prime?Personally, I love hearing what people are watching because it can give me a new show to binge.

The First Word Game

Tell your date to say the first word that comes to mind when you ask a question or say a subject! Example: Sports Team? Patriots. Favorite Season: Winter. Animal: Dog. This is a sure-fire way to get to know someone fast.

The "Best" Game Questions

Similar to first words game. It’s a fun chat on a date over drinks or dinner. Best Athlete of All Time? Best Restaurant in…….?

Best Movie? Best App? Best Italian? Best Place to Hike? Best Dog Breed?

Who's the most famous person you ever met?

This can go either way -- from the braggart to the confused. But, I’ll bet you’ll learn something about your online date face-to-face along with some funny stories!

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