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Last Week in Dating! Never typical.....

So, I scrapped the blog I was going to send you all after a 5-mile hike this morning with my golden retriever, Luna. Don’t “they” say the best ideas come from fresh air and nature when you’re not thinking about anything at all? Unbidden, my mind went to conversations with scores of clients last week---some just going on first dates, some getting on dating apps for the first time ever, some getting new photos shot and some going on 4th and 5th dates with the same person they met online.

So, here we go with a never typical Dating Week in Review: *

1. The 7 Hour Date.

After striking out on 9 dates on, my client Michael, 53, in Rosemary Beach, FL hit a home run. (Yes, he was getting discouraged). Date 10 brought Lana, 51, an avid paddle boarder and Michael to lunch Friday. They hit it off----and both decided they didn’t need to go back to work and instead spent the afternoon on his boat, jet skiing and swimming. He’s taking her crabbing today!

2. So, you never know who you are going to meet until you take a step away from your close circle of friends!

Case in point: my client, Heather, 37 was getting a bit down in the dumps on Bumble (she lives in Brooklyn) and as we looked at a match together, Brian, 35, she was 50-50 on him on the app. My advice always is: When you are on the fence (and at 50-50 you are on the fence) GO, JUST GO, because you never know. So, what happened? Brian turned out to be attractive but no chemistry on their drinks date. She was surprised when he called her on Wednesday to ask her to a friends Friday night BBQ and she said yes. Guess what? She met Brian’s friend, Tim---they had dinner last night and today are cycling Randall’s Island. (Oh, Brian was fine with the whole thing and said she owes him a fix-up with one of her friends now!)

3. Go with the flow. But bring extra clothes. Be prepared for anything. My client Jacqueline, 63 is a passionate sailor in the Nantucket area. After a great first date lunch with Daniel, he invited her kayaking for date #2 (she’d never been but as a sailor was super confident) to be followed by a picnic lunch. They started out in a tandem kayak----that leaked. Then she excitedly stood up spotting dolphins and in she toppled. TG for waterproof mascara and the extra clothes in her car for the picnic---which lasted 'til midnight. Daniel told her most women would not have laughed as hard as she did.

4. Long distance does not work.

Or can it? Cara, 49, a journalist (divorced after 24 years) in San Francisco is one of my

happiest clients---a typical week with her is three first dates (yes, three---she is so open minded with a great attitude!) that we had vetted together. So, when she was contacted by Francois, a 51-year-old surgeon (widowed) from Baltimore who was in the Bay area for the week for a convention, we both rolled our eyes. But he was persistent! Two dinner dates later, she was smitten. Last week, they met in Chicago for a 3-day weekend. He texts and FaceTimes her daily. She is flying to Baltimore for Labor Day weekend. As she told me, she can work from anywhere. He told her that he could transfer to Berkley. So, we shall see and I’m rooting for Cara and Francois!

These are just a few of this past weeks’ events. As my client Patrick in Dallas says to me: You love your job, don’t you? The answer: a resounding yes and why I’ve been doing it for 25 years after founding It’s Just Lunch, selling it at its peak, and moving on to helping singles navigate online dating as a dating consultant/founder at 33000Dates. So, from advising my teen girls (and their friends) to my clients in their 20’s to 70’s, there’s never a boring day around here.

Oh, I do have 2-3 more open slots to still take new clients in August---so sign up today. Everyone seems to buy the Ultimate Package lately. (My guess is they want to do no work but just date!!!)

*All names and cities have been changed for anonymity.


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