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Looking for Love in 2022? 5 Tips for Online Dating Sunday January 2

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Online Dating Horror Stories

Trying out online dating for the first time or frustrated by the experience?

Or heard the hype about January 2nd – Dating Sunday/Single’s Sunday? The day each year the highest volume of singles traditionally is online dating and sneaking peeks at each other?

It’s time to get ready! It’s not too late---just follow these simple dating tips. As I’ve been proclaiming for the past few weeks, don’t wait. Get ready, set, go!

1. Get organized. This will reduce frustration and make it easy for you to join one dating site, or multiple apps. What do I mean? Working with hundreds of clients, I constantly talk about photos. And then when we are working together, they are constantly “looking” for their photos, scrolling back through 2021’s iPhone pics, grabbing some from Facebook or Insta---or calling a friend for that great photo.

2. Start a Dating Photo Album on your phone. Each time you think you have a super pic, add it to this album, cropped, edited and ready to go. Big time saver. Maybe you are tired of hearing this from me, but we live in a hyper-visual society and if you don’t have terrific photos, your potential love of your life won’t even read your profile let alone scroll through other photos. As I get started with a new client and help them navigate all aspects of online dating from writing their profile, photo selection, choosing the right site to coaching to maximize first date success, I’d estimate about 50% of my time is spent on your photos!

Sidebar: One of my new clients who joined December 1, a pretty professional from NYC, told me she didn’t want to begin the actual dating process until January 2. So, what’s she been doing in the interim? Oh, sending me 4-5 latest photos each day from all walks of her life---from a football game to yoga poses, to a cocktail party, to jet skiing. I’ll tell you one thing---I am sifting through her photos today and WOW, she will make some impact and get many messages on Dating Sunday, January 2!

3. Today, text your three closest friends. Simply ask them for five words to describe you. And you need the answers today! This will help speed up the process with me and have you all ready for Sunday! It’s hard to write about yourself (just ask my two clients who are best selling NYT authors who can write a novel---but both told me the most vague, boring descriptives about themselves---which I knew not to be true!).

4. Know what you want. Is it just to get back into dating after a long relationship, a partner to travel with or marriage? This will help me determine which dating site/app will be best focused on your goals----OMG, there are over 1400 dating apps/sites out there!

Sidebar: Last week a dad in Los Angeles bought a membership to for his 28-year-old tech son. At the same time, he also purchased a dating site for him that specializes in woman and men 40+. Oh OH, luckily the dad was able to get a refund from the dating site. Way to turn off your 28-year-old son to online dating---forever!!!

5. Best Tip: Hire a professional! You invest money in things important to you---a great condo, a yoga instructor, a good financial advisor to maximize success in the stock market, a good housekeeper, a great nanny---why would you leave this super important part of your life to serendipity? A dating expert can do all the work for you and lead you successfully through the maze of online dating---that’s why 60% of my clients are dating someone seriously!

After all, you don’t want to hire someone who had 20 dates online and met his wife or a PR person who fixed up one friend successfully, do you?

I genuinely enjoy my clients and over the two months I have you weekly on coaching calls---not only do we have a blast, but we get results! Oh, one more thing I must say, do NOT listen to your single friends about online dating horrors---I mean, hey, they are single, right, must be a reason!

I can’t wait to meet you!

Love, Andrea

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