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Online Dating During Valentines

Now, I was thinking about this as I was scrolling through my gmail, looking at all these ads about the “Perfect Gifts for that Special Someone”. I’ve never been in love with the holiday, but as I work with singles and have for over 20 years it’s an important time of year. Although sadly, a holiday about love and happiness brings much too much stress for singles.

But, then I thought about the past year and all the people I love. This unconventional year has brought so many things and sadly that means the people I love, I can no longer consistently see in person. My daughter is across the country at school, my dad and siblings are scattered as far as Canada and New Jersey and my friends have to be cautious since the virus is spiking again.

So then, I thought, why write about dating and “true love” and “perfect matches” when this year is more about celebrating the people we love, whether a significant other or family member. Even a best friend.

So, again, why write about the stress and pressure of this insane media driven holiday when I can express when I feel my best and be happy. I find comfort in giving to the people who I love. The people who give me happiness. Yes, my online shopping bill may have spiked quite a bit this morning; however, it was worth it because the people I love are worth more to me than anything.

Bloomingdales in particular put quite a dent in my wallet but they have the cutest gifts for your romantic partner, as well as your family.

So, this Valentine’s Day isn’t going to be about celebrating romantic love but rather the people I love in my everyday life. I’m heading to Target soon to get some cute cards and cannot wait for my plethora of online packages to arrive. Oh, of course a couple of Papyrus Valentine Day's cards for my true loves because they are soooo fun and glitzy. Hope they make it to dorm room bulletin boards.

Of course, no blog about buying cute gifts would be complete without having a few examples so below I’ve attached some cute little things to kick off your spending this year … Happy Shopping and Happy Valentine's Day!

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