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Online Dating Etiquette

With over 100 million singles in the US, chances are once you get your exciting dating profile up on the right dating sites, you are going to be out there -- fast! It’s time to date…not wait!

So here’s some tips from the dating pros at 33000 Dates:

  • You’re in control here. Yes, once your online dating profile and at least 5 photos of you

(please see blog on how to choose the right photos) are up, you’re considered “fresh meat”. Ugh! We hate to say that. Thus, you’re going to get lots of messages and replies, mostly inept and “hey, what’s up?”. No, no, no.

  • Use the filters on the dating site and the steps we taught you. You are going to do the selecting, not be selected. Your success rate is going to 8-10X higher.

Yay! You found some men you find interesting---now YOU contact them! We are way past waiting for the right man to find us----in online dating we are all equals! Most men you contact are going to be excited! Men consistently complain that they don’t get contacted enough and they need to do all the work. Yay!

  • Start your reply/message to him with something interesting and show that you just didn’t look at his hot photos but actually read what he’s all about. So, he mentioned he’s a big indie movie fan. Your reply could begin with a couple of your favorite films.

  • A little messaging back and forth is fine. But the real test is chemistry and that can’t be found in a text. The goal is to meet up for a drink, a dinner in the first 2-3 days after initial contact.

  • Good news? The more dates you go on, the more men you proactively contact, the easier this process gets. And your confidence soars!

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