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Online Dating Sound Scary? Are you skeptical or shy?

Ready for this: Yes, there are large research groups that study this and according to Indiana University’s most recent study, 43% of the singles population is shy, up from 37% in the 80’s.

And according to one of my favorite mega-researchers, Pew Research Center finds 30% of singles are skeptical about online dating.

You know what I just read? 70% are not! Yay, online dating and the strides made in the past 20 years. Ok, think back to the 90’s if you were suddenly single at age 45, 54, or 65---what would you do for your love life? I’ll tell you as I was around before the advent of online dating---not much.

Oh, the options today---and you needn’t be bravehearted. Shy people are flocking.

I thought about this quite a bit last week after 4 different phone calls with successful men in their 40’s to 60’ss who told me they were shy.

Ha, I said. Do I have the magic recipe for you!

1. Get Proactive Cure #1: With me as your dating coach, over the first two weeks you are going on 4-5 first dates with different people. Yep, right into the fire…and you’ll come out smiling, not burnt. How do I know? Ummm, I’ve been doing this for 25+ years?

2. Hire a Pro Cure #2: Ok, I truly am not going to say more but a good dating coach will be your wingman, your cheerleader, etc. Watch this!

3. Get out of your friendship rut Cure #3: Friends are crucial in your life-but they add no value in your love life. You are taking golf lessons---do you call your BFF who is a tax attorney and never picked up a club in his life? Enough said.

4. Get Confidant Fast Cure #4: Ok, let’s go back to the golf analogy. You take a lesson Month 1. Then Month 2. Then Month 3. How fast are you picking up this game? Several dates in the first month will ease you into dating and you’ll find yourself being---nervous? NO! You’ll be being you!

5. It’s the 2020’s Cure #5: The 90’s was a long, long time ago. And dating has come so far. With over 1400 dating sites and apps, there is at least 3-4 that will be a great match for you no matter how skeptical or shy you are.

Last, what a fun time of year to date. Holiday fever has begun, parties are teeing up, and there’s a magic this time of year. It’s one of my busiest---and I want you to embrace this season of sparkly, bright, joyous and precious time.

Don’t wait---date!

Happy Holidays….and let me help!

Love, Life & Laughter,

Andrea McGinty, Founder Dating Counselor/Dating Consultant

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