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Opening Lines for your Online Dating Profile

Oh, I love this topic! In general, people have difficulty writing about themselves---as clients, I have two well-known single authors who hired me simply saying “I can write a novel, but when it comes to me, I’m lost”!

The best idea if you are truly jumping in with both feet is to hire an online dating professional write/consultant who can take you from A-Z----writing an exciting profile, vetting your photos, recommending the right dating site/app for you depending on demographics, geo area, research (there are over 1400 dating apps/sites!!!) and your personality and age, then taking you from messaging potential dates to going on REAL DATES!!!

Here we go:

Tip: Fun Powerful Words with a Bang: These are super first liners to grab attention:

  • My idea of Mind/Body Connection? Two weeks at Sundance skiing all day and 3 films each night!

  • Faves? Key Lime Pie Ice Cream from Handel’s and Moroccan Lamb Tagine---In Marrakesh

  • Backflips on my Ski Jet (he also has a photo showing this!)

  • Dolphins dancing on the bow while I’m sailing the BVI

  • Playing backgammon in an ice cave while sipping Bailey’s hot cocoa

  • My philosophy on dating? I treat every woman as I would like my 25-year-old daughter treated!

  • Weekends? I just built a log cabin (yes, myself!) and have a blast entertaining on the lake (this is from a lovely female client!)

  • Travel? Sleeping in a tent listening to lions roaring, being bumped by a mama gorilla with a baby on her back are a few of my awe-inspiring moments!

The above are some real opening lines I’ve written for my clients---you are marketing yourself and beginning with platitudes like: Fun, attractive, positive woman or Recently divorced looking for my soulmate----did you just fall asleep? My fingers did typing! And my mind went, blah, blah, blah swipe this person away and on to the next!

Getting help with writing your online dating profile is not a bad idea, at all!


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