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Learn How Singles Married Through Online Dating

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Are You a Single Hoping to Get Married Through Online Dating?

News: Updated Dating research for 2021 and the State of the Date

As you can imagine, I follow dating research daily---and have been doing so for the past 25+ years. First, as the Founder of It’s Just Lunch, author of the Dating In America series of books, then growing IJL to over 110 locations worldwide in the 90’s and early 2000's---pre-internet dating. After selling out to Private Equity ( was one of the bidders), I delved into my next endeavor as a dating expert, dating coach helping singles navigate all levels of online dating from writing their dating profiles, choosing the correct dating sites to maximize success, selecting photos and coaching businesspeople, widows, to celebrities.

I am only reiterating the above as I am 100% independent---not tied to Match, Raya, The League, eHarmony, etc. Thus, when Match in conjunction with a neutral 3rd party releases data, I take a hard look at their findings. (Match has the critical mass to do such a study; they own many dating sites beside Match).

I have included their link later in this article—but in the interim I am pulling key data out for my readers (any my comments are in red, Match in blue/black). Here we go!


Good things can come out of the worst circumstances, and pandemics are no exception. While many expected the pandemic to cause a deluge of post-traumatic stress (and rightfully so), we actually found the opposite within the single population: “post-traumatic growth.” Or what we like to call “The Grown-Up Glow Up.” Because that’s exactly what happened. Men and women of all ages matured more, improved their health and reset their sexual, romantic and life priorities. Talk about some good news!

To put it simply, singles are coming out of this pandemic better versions of themselves. Whether it was all that extra time alone, or just a general desire to get off the couch, they made the most of 2021. And it paid off. 72% got better at prioritizing important things in their lives, and 66% got better at caring for their mental health. More than 50% also made improvements when it came to their physical health, building stronger family relationships, unplugging from social media and increasing their self-confidence. It’s safe to assume singles are more eligible than ever.


Absolutely agree. While talking and coaching hundreds of clients through the pandemic, very few were couch potatoes. Many took online classes from writing to tap dancing. One non-swimmer is now a Master’s Level Swimmer. Smart people took advantage of this time once the initial shock settled.


Hookup culture is history.

We’re not saying one-nightstands are gone for good, but they’re definitely on the decline. And social distancing isn’t the only explanation. The pandemic has initiated an appetite for more meaningful, steadfast and long-term relationships. And to the shock of many, young singles are embracing this trend the most. (We told you they were growing up!) So how might this impact society moving forward? Only time will tell. But it’s possible that this desire for more commitment could lead to future generations growing up with more family stability. And we don’t hate the sound of that.


Case in point: Tinder. A few years ago, I would not have recommended this site to clients looking for long-term relationships. Now, it’s approximately 75% looking to find a more serious relationship. Much shifted in the past 18 months---I don’t like to refer to 9/11, but I saw the same mentality then---a focus reverting to the importance of loving relationships.


Today, only 11% of singles want to date casually.


of singles say they are more interested in finding a meaningful, committed relationship.


of singles spent more time crafting more thoughtful messages on dating apps.


Not a doubt in my mind here. Single means many things: single (duh), widowed, just ended a long-term relationship, a long acrimonious divorce or an amicable divorce. A good portion of my online dating coaching is about crafting highly personalized messages---not a novella, but a few lines showing that you read their profile and could relate to something there. Gone are the “what’s up” or copy/paste messages. This is probably why over 60% of my clients have met and are now in a serious relationship.


Vaccinations: A Shot at Love

It’s not just every news outlet talking about the Covid vaccine. Singles are prioritizing the vaccination significantly more so than the average American. And we have the numbers to prove it: 73% of singles are vaccinated, compared to 64% of the US population. Whether it’s due to their more active lifestyles or not being tethered to the same social pressures as those with partners, the majority of singles aren’t shy about getting their shots. And they hope their future dates feel the same way.


Absolutely. I’m not here to stand on a soap box and change your views on vaccinations. My clients fall into 95% are vaxxed---perhaps because I work with primarily the 35-65+ age market. If it’s not on your online dating profile, you will be asked!

There was much more in this report---if you’d like to read the rest, here you go with the link:

Overall, I found this report to be very encouraging about online dating with some valid points. As many feel pandemics may be our new norm, we have learned over the past 2 years how to be safe---and fall in love!

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