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Summer of Love: 2021

Many of us have heard of the Summer of Love---but did you know it’s THIS summer? After the past 15-16 months of Zoom, quarantine, drive by baby showers, virtual meetings and learning, YouTube yoga, Instacart, missing our loved ones across the country, lack of hugs and kisses---it’s time to love again!

I coined the phrase Summer of Love a few weeks ago, when I saw an explosion in my business! With many vaccinated, it’s not as scary to go out for lunch, brunch or a drink in the afternoon. I see the numbers escalating on the dating sites---many new singles signing up for Hinge, Bumble, Match with actual excitement!

But did I really coin the name Summer of Love? Yes, for 2021! According to google, this phenomenon occurred in 1967 or 1969, depending upon whom you are listening to. And 2021 vs 1967 Summer of Love are like night and day.

SOL 1967 was a utopian revolution, where thousands descended upon San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park to take part in counterculture poet Allen Ginsberg and writer Gary Snyder’s “Human Be-In”, the pair’s call for collective consciousness. This time frame is infamous for hippies, flower children, Haight-Asbury, musicians and artists.

And, what’s different about SOL 2021? Everything….except love is in the air again. So many types of love: romantic, familial, travel, exercise, wanderlust, volunteer work, etc

So, let’s admit it, ok, maybe not on social media where we had a STUPENDOUS 2020 working on our hobbies (lol). Now is the time for a proactive change for the Summer of Love 2021 and here are some ideas:

1. Be proactive about everything. Those dreams we dreamt over the past 16 months----time to make them reality! We are free and there is nothing stopping you! Wanted to write a book, op-ed pieces, take that oil painting class? Go!

2. Be proactive about your health. Two years ago we may have lamented having to drag ourselves to the gym 3-4 x per week, one year ago we were depressed about not going to the gyms as they were closed, and there’s nothing stopping us now. Maybe it’s time to try something new---instead of 30 minutes on the treadmill, try an athletic pilates reformer class. Try Barre. Try a new gym that just specializes in one class for a month---like an Orange Theory. The next month try all yoga for one month—you’ll be happily surprised at the many methods of yoga!

3. Be proactive about your career. If you’ve loved working from home in your fluffy slippers, no better time to request 3/5 days at home. It will really make you enjoy the two days you go in and see your colleagues!

4. Be proactive with family: both kids and parents. It’s probably been a tough year for your parents so plan a weekly Wednesday night date. One week it could be your children preparing their grandparents dinner. Another might be a drive out to a lake for a picnic dinner. Another may be renting a pontoon boat and taking everyone out on it and assigning who brings the wine, sandwiches, dessert.

5. Be proactive about helping others! 2020 showed us some hardships that many people in other parts of the world experience every day. One way to love and celebrate life is to help others by volunteering, doing walks for a charity, reaching out to those in need.

6. Be proactive about your love life! There is only one, yes one, person I knew over the last year who did nothing and met someone. Though it was at a great cost to her---a fire in her home but she met a lovely fireman she is still dating. So, if in the past you said online dating or a professional online dating coach or a professional online dating consultant isn’t for me, maybe it’s time to change your mind and approach your love life in a new bold way? After all, it is the Summer of Love 2021!

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