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Swiping right on a dating app? What photos work…

I get asked this question constantly. What works on an app like Tinder or Hinge is very different than what works on a dating site like Match, Luxy or POF. Why? Apps have very little text to express your life---thus, it must be done by action shots. Static photos on these two apps will get you…. nowhere.

As a dating coach, of course this topic with photos fascinates me. So, as we head into the holidays, ski vacations, beach vacations for you in cold climates, what photos work? Ok, you who work with me? What’s my constant mantra?

—-Oh, Laura, you’re going to Israel next week, text me at least 5 photos

—-John, Orient Express for Thanksgiving? Send me those train pics

—-Squaw opened? Chrissy, at least 3 pics without your ski helmet and goggles on (no, just pose don’t ski, I want you alive)

—-Margo, Rockefeller Center ice skating…. you know what to do


Ohhh, don't forget I have the new photo evaluation...for free! Use it ---- I've had many interesting and fun conversations with non-clients sending me their pics! Link:


So, what photos do men swipe right on?

1. 729 of 1000 men swipe right on women who ski (club med study). Yep, a definite hint at her adventurous side

2. Second place swipe? Men swipe on women who take part in outdoor sports —-scuba and snorkeling ranked high

3. Ok, 512 of 1000 men swiped right on a picture of a woman enjoying a bowl of something tasty —-while traveling. Traveling and posing in front of the Blue Mosque isn’t enough—-food is a way to a man’s heart. Yep, men like women who eat.

What do women swipe right on?

1. Action shots——maybe not quite 007 jumping out of planes but again scenic ski shot comes in first. (Sans the helmet, of course) Climbing a glacier. Playfully singing karaoke at a bar. Trivia night. C’mon who want to look at posed studio shots or linked in stuffy pics?

2. Animals. 492/1000 got right swipes! Love those odds. You and your lab get swipes —-forget the Rottweiler. Cuddling a small dog for lots of likes too. (Hmmm, did I ever tell you what my ex-husband did unbeknownst to me? He snapped a photo of my puppy Luna, a golden, and used it on his dating profile. He killed it with messages from women! His now girlfriend tells the story where she was deceived…lol)

3. Any man looking like he’s having fun in his photo. Wave jumpers, boating, hugging his kids with a birthday cake in the foreground.

What no women swipes on? Bathroom selfies, car photos, desert shots (like why?) ….and holding a fish.

As we approach the holidays, constantly update your photos. You holding a browned turkey. An ugly Christmas sweater party with friends. You and the Christmas tree. Hannukah festivities. Kwanzaa fun.

Bottom line, it’s a fun time to date. Yes, we will have the explosion of dating at the New Year online---but don’t ignore this Hallmark time of year!

After over 25+ years of helping singles date, I’m so happy when you meet someone! In the last month alone, I’ve had 3 wedding invites for the beginning of the year which just thrills me. Yep, I love my job.

Happy Dating!

Love Life Laughter,

Andrea McGinty Dating Counselor/Dating Consultant Founder, It’s Just Lunch (sold) and

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Nov 25, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Interesting! 😄Who knew about the fish! Yeah, don't need to worry about that one either - GREAT TIPS - Thank you!

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