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What's a face mask tell a first date?

Since I get to know my clients on zoom calls (thus facemask-less) to help write their online dating profiles, to vet photos and choose dating sites to ongoing dating coaching as they begin their IRL dating adventures, nothing really surprises me. Oh, so not true! You'd think I've been doing this forever---but clients never cease to amaze me, make me laugh, see ingenuity and some mornings I nearly choke on my coffee as they tell me their adventures.

So what message can a facemask send to you on a date?

I smoke weed. A lot.

I'm an early adopter. Steve gave me an iPad in 1995.

I'm a Flower Child----and I have confidence!

Louis....or not? Either way I have high end aspirations.

Stand Waaayyyy Back. I spent $45 to personalize this in LEDs'